What is the name of the new term of sex underwear

Introduction: New nouns of sexy underwear leading the trend

With the continuous development of sexual culture and people’s demand for personalization, sexy underwear has also begun to be new, and adopts richer design and diverse materials.At the same time, some new terms have also appeared to describe the style and matching of sexy underwear.The following will introduce some of the latest new names of sexy underwear.

1. Crystal underwear: add beauty to sex

Crystal underwear is a underwear made of crystals such as transparent or translucent crystals and glass.With its fresh and elegant appearance and touch, cold texture, etc., it makes it a love underwear loved by trendy people.The production process of crystal underwear is very unique. First of all, the crystal is carved and processed with modern technology, and then the crystal is combined into underwear.

2. Reverse V underwear: Highlight the beauty of the chest

Reverse V underwear is a V -shaped bra, which highlights the chest to the maximum.In addition to the visual effects of the chest rising, there can be many curves that cannot be exposed to reverse V underwear to make the figure more beautiful.

3. Founded underwear: easy to wear

The front buckle underwear is a unique design and a convenient underwear.Different from the traditional rear buckle underwear, the hook of the front buckle underwear is buckled on the chest, so that there is no need to pull it tediously on the back of the back, eliminating a lot of time.

4. Sanheye underwear: multifunctional matching

Sanheye underwear is a underwear with a variety of ways.Its design is mainly detachable. The bra cup and the bottom pants can be worn separately or combined.This underwear can easily meet the needs of various occasions, which is very practical.

5. Improved version of body shaping clothing: stronger shape function

The improved version of the body is one of the most popular sexy underwear, which has its characteristics of plastic, telescopic, and maintaining its appearance unchanged.Its design is inspired by traditional body shaping clothes, but through improvement, it makes the shaping function stronger. After putting it on, it can effectively shape the soft lines.

6. T -shaped pants: sexy without losing connotation

T -shaped pants are a gentle style using the T -shaped cup and the bottom of the T -shaped type.Not only can the chest curve and the outline of the legs be fully displayed, but also the hips are particularly highlighted, making the ladies wear sexy without losing the connotation.

7. Outside skirt: Sexy and feminine

The off -the -shoulder skirt is a very individual women’s clothing. It has the characteristics of off -the -shoulder and skirts. It can express sexy and feminine, which is very suitable for wearing in the summer or warm season.

8. fluorescent underwear: dazzling in the dark

Fluorescent underwear is a luminous underwear.It uses fluorescent color, and it will release strong light under the light, which is amazing like a starry sky.

9. Classical retro underwear: traditional charm

Classical retro underwear is a kind of underwear returning to traditional elements. It emphasizes that old -fashioned patterns, patterns and colors are the main time, allowing people to return to that pure and elegant era.Usually with magnificent colors or dark satin, as well as pink or ivory colors, etc., it even increases the charm of girls.

10. Low -key underwear: Get away from Zhang Yang

Low -key underwear is a underwear that makes women show her charm in a hidden state.The biggest feature of this underwear is low -key and sophisticated.The color is also very low -key. Generally, black, white, beige, etc. are mainly decorated, but they can still highlight the beauty and sexy of women.

In short, sexy underwear is constantly developing and innovating, trendy design and diversified materials will always promote the development of the sex underwear industry.Whether you are looking for sexy or comfortable underwear, the underwear market can meet all your needs.

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