What is the difference between underwear and sexy underwear


Underwear and sexy underwear are an indispensable part of modern women’s lives, but many people may confuse the difference between the two because of their similar appearance.In fact, underwear and sexy underwear are very different in style, function and use.

Different style

The styles of underwear include bras, underwear, pajamas, socks, etc. The style is simple and practical.And sexy underwear is a underwear characterized by sexy, temptation and stimulation.They usually use complex designs and materials to be independent as sex clothing.Common sexy underwear includes sexy breast suits, lace robes, G string, etc.

Different materials

Underwear usually uses functional materials, such as hygroscopic, breathable, antibacterial materials, etc.These materials are essential to maintain basic hygiene and comfort.Interest underwear usually uses high -end materials such as lace, silk, leather, net socks, and pays more attention to the visual effects and stimulating experience of the appearance.

Different use

The main purpose of underwear is to protect, support and emphasize the body curve.And sexy underwear is more used to build sexy images, enthusiastic atmosphere and promoting sexual life.In other words, underwear is to enhance women’s self -confidence and dressing effect through external visual images; sexy underwear is more inclined to improve the quality of sexual life in interest.

Different on the occasion

Underwear is a conservative way of dressing and is not suitable for revealing in public.Sex underwear is more suitable for wearing on specific occasions, such as sex parties, Valentine’s Day, etc.

Different posture and posture

Because underwear is mainly to support and protect the body, few designers consider factors other than comfort.And the design of sex underwear pays more attention to the beauty and elegance of women’s curves and elegance, which is critical to feel the feelings of sex.

Different price

Due to the complex design and high -end materials of sexy underwear, the price is usually very expensive.The price of underwear is relatively affordable.

Choose different

Underwear choices usually consider practical factors such as size, style, and material.Selection of sexy underwear considers more sexy factors and interest atmosphere.

Different purchasing channels

Due to the special nature of erotic underwear, it is usually only available for purchasing through adult products stores or websites.Underwear can be purchased in major shopping malls, supermarkets, brand stores, etc.

Different use of use

Underwear use notices are usually precautions such as washing, maintenance and replacement cycle.And sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, but also pay attention to the safety of environment and use methods.It is recommended to read the instruction manual or ask professionals before use.

in conclusion

Although underwear and sexy underwear are women’s supplies, there are great differences in their styles, materials, uses, prices and use notes.Before purchasing, you need to choose according to your own needs and physical conditions.The most important thing is that whether it is underwear or sexy underwear, it should be kept clean and hygienic to ensure the safety of use.

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