What is the name of Taobao’s sexy lingerie girl

What is the name of Taobao’s sexy lingerie girl

With the progress of society, sexy underwear has become one of the must -have for each lover.The name of Taobao’s sexy lingerie girl is very confusing. Below we will reveal it one by one.

1. Women’s sexy underwear

Women’s sexy underwear is one of the common classifications on Taobao.Sexy underwear has a variety of styles, including three -point, hollow, transparent, etc., and the prices are also different.This underwear is often mainly black and red, suitable for wearing special occasions to make you full of sexy charm.

Second, lady’s sexy lingerie

Women’s sexy underwear is another common classification on Taobao.Unlike sexy underwear, sexy underwear emphasizes the creation of artistic conception and visual effects, with diverse styles and rich colors.For example, lace jumpsuits, hollow restraint socks, three -point style, etc. are all classic styles in sexy underwear.

Third, lady beautiful back underwear

Women’s back underwear is designed to beautify the figure, highlighting the charming curve of women, and often uses a sling style design. For the clothes that need to show the back, choosing a beautiful back underwear color and style are very important.

Fourth, ladies without trace sheet

Women’s no -marked underwear is a underwear that makes women more confident while ensuring comfort.It uses seamless design inside, and no traces will be left even under tights. Therefore, it is a very practical type of underwear in daily life.

Five, ladies’ bra

Women’s bras can not only make women more comfortable and natural, but also very detailed in the interior design.In addition to the choice of size and style, you also need to match different bras according to your chest shape.

Six, ladies underwear

Women’s underwear is a basic style that every woman must have. In addition to the choice of color and fabrics, it is also necessary to consider their own body shape to choose a suitable style.For example, low -waist underwear is suitable for long skirts or jeans with high waistline, and high waist underwear is suitable for displaying the waistline design.

Seven, ladies shaping clothes

Women’s body -shaping is a very popular underwear in recent years. It can not only have the effect of shaping the body, but also to lift the abdomen and hips to strengthen the body line.However, when choosing, you need to pay special attention to buying a style that suits your body shape.

8. Ladies suspender vest

Ladies suspender vests are one of the basic styles of summer. After wearing it, they can look more refreshing and natural. The quality and breathability of fabrics are also very important choice factors.

Nine, ladies pajamas

Women’s pajamas are an indispensable underwear in every female life. Choose comfort, soft and breathable fabrics, and also need to consider the choice of style and color to ensure that they are more comfortable and natural in sleep.

Ten, ladies various sets

In addition to the above categories, there are many women’s sexy lingerie sets on Taobao, such as lace tied rope sets, three -point set on lace bed, etc.The styles of these sets are more design, and they are the best choices for sexy underwear enthusiasts.


Taobao’s ladies have a lot of sexy underwear. When choosing a underwear that suits you, you need to consider factors, styles, fabrics, sizes and other factors. You must choose according to your own body shape and needs to ensure that you are comfortable and natural, but also show your unique uniqueness.charm.

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