World Beauty Insteads Underwear Show


Falling underwear, from the West, refers to a sexy or seductive underwear.In recent years, sexy underwear has become popular all over the world, especially in Europe and the United States, and the beauty of the beauty underwear show has attracted countless eyes.Let ’s take a look at these world’ s beauty underwear show together!

L’Oreal International Beauty Inspection Underwear Show Paris

L’Oreal’s international beauty underwear show is the highlight of the world’s sex lingerie show, which attracts the global attention every year.In this event, 200 supermodels from various countries wearing sexy lingerie, blooming charming light.

New York Victoria’s Field

The Wei Mi Show has always been the target of major fashion brands, and its biggest feature is to invite supermodels to wear various sexy underwear, presented on the show stage with the ultimate beauty.

Japan Adult Exhibition

As the world’s largest adult exhibition, the Japanese adult exhibition has always attracted the attention of countless sexy underwear enthusiasts.The major sex brands show the latest and cutting -edge sexy lingerie styles here, making people eye -opening.

Australian sexy underwear show

The Australian sexy underwear show is one of the top brands of sexy underwear. It is characterized by the fusion of fashion and sexy, as well as the comfort and texture of underwear.The underwear show held every year has attracted the continuous audiences to watch.

Rahllan Underwear Show, Italy

Rahrlasus underwear is a sexy underwear brand with a century -old history. Its underwear style is mainly classic and solemn, focusing on the embodiment of details and texture.The underwear show held in Italy every year also perfectly interprets this spirit.

Germany Charm Demon Instead Underwear Show

Charm is a German sexy underwear brand. It is famous for its colorful colors, diverse styles, and sexy and seductive.The sexy underwear show held in Germany focuses on showing elements such as health, positive, confident, optimism, and lively, so that people also experience the healthy lifestyles transmitted by the brand while appreciating sexy underwear.

American ballet sexy underwear show

American ballet sexy underwear show is an art feast that combines ballet, music, fashion and sexy underwear.This show not only shows the beauty of underwear, but also shows the audience’s beauty and the connotation of the soul in a unique way.

China Shanghai International Fun Underwear Culture Festival

The Shanghai International Sex Lingerie Culture Festival is the largest annual event in the Chinese underwear industry.This activity not only has a fun underwear catwalk, but also various underwear cultural exhibitions and forums.The sexy underwear catwalk show the global show of the Chinese sex lingerie industry.

Singapore sexy underwear show

Singapore’s sexy underwear show is one of the important activities in the underwear industry in Southeast Asia. It is characterized by combining the interests of foreign countries with the Western trend, and pays attention to integrating the design, material and comfort of the sexy underwear.

Macau sexy underwear angel show

Angel Show in Macau Fun underwear is one of the most well -known sexy underwear shows in Macau.The event invited supermodels and underwear brands from various places. Through the combination of fashion, sexy, and cultural elements, it presented a unique sexy underwear feast for the audience.


Interest underwear show is a form of expression that integrates fashion, beauty, and art, which brings people unlimited imagination and beauty.In addition to satisfying people’s pursuit of beauty, sexy underwear can also improve people’s self -confidence and emotional communication, so that sexy and health can be perfectly balanced.

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