Why is there no erotic jacket

Why is there no erotic jacket

In the sex products market, sexy underwear is a very important product line.However, we may find that many brands have not launched a sexy underwear series.why?This article will discuss why some brands do not have sex underwear, and the market potential and future development trend of sexy underwear.

1. Brand positioning problem

Some brands are not dedicated to sexual products brands. They may run other product lines, such as clothing and cosmetics.These brands may not emphasize sexual products in positioning, so it is understandable that it is not possible to launch sexy underwear.

2. Issue of understanding of sexy underwear

For those brands that have not launched sexy underwear, they may not be able to solve the potential and future development trend of the sexy underwear market.They may think that sexy underwear is just a single product, and does not expect to use sex underwear as a sexy product to promote and sell.

3. Production technical issues

Fun underwear is different from ordinary underwear. It requires higher design and production technology.For some experienced brands, they may encounter some technical problems, such as unable to master the use of materials, long production cycle, and high product costs. This is also one of the reasons for them to launch the product line of sexy underwear.

4. Affect image problem

It is risky to launch a sex underwear product line because it will affect the brand image.Some brands may be worried that they will be regarded as "vulgar" brands, and "bad" affects the brand image.Therefore, they are unwilling to take risks to launch a sexy underwear series.

5. Market requirements

Despite the huge potential of the sexy underwear market, it also needs to have a certain judgment and understanding of market demand.If the brand does not have enough market research and research and cannot understand the needs of the market, they will not be willing to invest in the sexy underwear market.

6. More investment

The market for sex underwear needs more investment, more marketing and brand promotion activities are required, and more social and online interactive activities need to be carried out.These investment may be a big burden for some brands, and the brand may not be able to bear such expenses.

7. Product research and development difficulty

For those brands of non -interesting products industry, they may not be able to enter the market for the market and do not understand the needs of markets and customers.Therefore, it is difficult for them to develop sexy underwear that meets consumer needs.

8. Not suitable for brand image

For some brands, their image may not be suitable for launching sex underwear.For example, some high -end luxury brands, or a relatively conservative brand, launching sex underwear may contrary to the brand image without being accepted by consumers.

9. The development trend of sexy underwear

Although some brands do not launch a sexy underwear series, the development trend of the sexy underwear market is good.With the progress of society and the change of consumer aesthetic concepts, the future development potential of the sex underwear market is very huge.

10. Brand should be more open

The development of the brand needs to have a new breakthrough, and the open mentality requires new challenges.If some brands can be more open and tolerant, and launch a sexy underwear series, it will also have a good role in promoting the development of the brand.At the same time, this can also meet the diverse needs of consumers and enhance the brand’s market competitiveness.

in conclusion

As an important product line in the sexual product market, sexy underwear has huge development potential.Although some brands do not launch product lines for sexy underwear, this cannot prevent the development of the sex underwear market.The brand should be more open. Try to launch a series of sexy underwear series, and continuously invest and innovate to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

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