Women’s brand sexy underwear

Brief introduction

Women’s erotic underwear is a costume that has both practical functions and psychological needs that can meet women’s consciousness.This underwear style is usually shown in a sexy, noble and elegant attitude, becoming an indispensable part of women’s fashion life.Today we are going to talk about a few very popular women’s brand sexy underwear.

Victoria’s Secret

When it comes to sexy underwear brands, Victoria’s Secret is a family that has to be mentioned.With its noble and sexy brand image, it has successfully established its own brand status worldwide.Victoria’s Secret design has a complicated, prosperous, and eye -catching details.Many customers have recognized this brand and are willing to spend a lot of money to buy their underwear.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is another brand that has performed well in the sexy underwear market in the women’s brand.Calvin Klein’s sexy underwear style is simple, atmospheric and clean.The sexy underwear of this brand can make the wearer feel natural and comfortable without losing elegance and sexy.This design style and market image are very popular with young female customers who like ordinary women.

La Perla

As a high -end women’s clothing brand, La Perla has attracted much attention.This brand design is luxurious, comfortable, unique, and fantasy.Its meticulous details and better quality control allows the customer group to not only fall in love with this brand, but also regard it as a symbol of identity.

Honey Birdette

Honey Birdette is a women’s clothing brand from Australia.Its sexy underwear is known for its distinctive colors, bold design styles and dramatic details.The underwear designed by this brand has its own characteristics, and it is confident and fashionable to wear.The market object of Honey Birdette’s sexy underwear is those young women who are fashionable, courageous to try different styles, and hope to highlight their personality.

Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur is a brand in the UK.Its sexy underwear is highly praised for its exquisite material choices, elegant design styles and its unique feminist advocacy style.When designing sexy underwear, this brand often pays attention to the needs of women itself, and designs better products based on practical comfort.Therefore, the brand’s sexy underwear is welcomed by female customers.


Bluebella is a British brand and is often called "the sexy underwear brand of urban girls".The brand’s sexy underwear is bold, avant -garde, fashionable, and often has a little story.Different from other brands, Bluebella’s sexy underwear is usually not only family clothing worn in housework and leisure time, but also is regarded as a fashion style, suitable for various occasions, showing the unique charm of women.

Agent jealousy

Agent Jealousy is a Japanese brand that has both Japanese fashion styles and respects new trends such as honeymoon lines and fun clubs.Its sexy underwear design style, bold tight design, romantic flower pattern and unique lace effect, attracting the attention of many young women.This brand’s sexy underwear is suitable for young female customers with romantic and fantasy character.


Journelle is a young and emerging women’s clothing brand in the United States.Its sexy underwear has a refreshing, simple and sweet design style.The brand’s sexy underwear is characterized by comfortable fabrics and more affordable prices.Journelle’s sexy underwear is suitable for women who don’t want to spend a lot of money but want to enjoy silk -like comfort and fashionable design.


The women’s sex lingerie market is a vibrant market, and the brands and designers are fiercely competitive.Different brands have different customers, and each brand has its unique design concept.Customers can choose a sexy underwear brand that suits them according to their needs and taste.Therefore, big brands known for other aspects will never ignore the women’s sexy underwear market.In this fashion and sexy field, the brands are promising.

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