Women will wet wearing sexy underwear

Women will wet wearing sexy underwear

Every woman wants to look sexy and eye -catching in front of a man.And sexy underwear has become a choice for many women.However, at this time, some women may notice that they will have some humidity when wearing sexy underwear.Why does a woman wearing fun underwear wet?

1. Falling underwear fabrics

The choice of sexy underwear fabrics may cause a wearer to produce a certain humidity.For some impermeable fabrics, such as synthetic fiber and certain plastic materials, they may prevent the evaporation of sweat and cause increased humidity.

2. The effect of temperature and sweat secretion

Women’s sweat secretion will be affected by temperature. High temperature and humid climate may cause more sweat to emit. Even if they do not wear fun underwear, they will feel humid.And if wearing sexy underwear, this phenomenon may be more obvious.

3. Error size selection or wear method

The erotic underwear in the wrong size may cause a slight friction or too tight.These cases may cause subtle damage and wear on the surface layer, which may cause more secretion and humidity.

4. Pigment and body composition

Some women’s body composition and chemical ingredients may cause greater sweat secretion.At the same time, some mixtures in the body may also destroy the antibacterial ability of sexy underwear materials, leading to more secretion and humidity.

5. Lack of daily maintenance

When using it, it is best to have daily maintenance, including cleaning and drying.If there is no proper care, the underwear may accumulate bacteria and odors, thereby increasing local humidity.You can ask the clerk how to clean and maintain it correctly when buying.

6. Improper trimming

If women have changed their lower body, they may cause more sweat and secretions.The fabrics owned by sexy underwear may not be able to absorb these liquids, resulting in increased humidity.

7. Tension and anxiety

If women feel uneasy or nervous when wearing sexy underwear, they may have too much sweat.This is not limited to sexy underwear, but also may happen in all circumstances.

8. The role of mouse pads

Mouse pads generally have a certain amount of hygroscopic, and many women often use them at the crotch.However, it is best not to let them touch the private parts directly, because this may lead to increased humidity.

in conclusion

There are many reasons for wearing erotic underwear to cause the humidity of women’s waist. It may be caused by a series of factors such as fabrics, temperature, wrong size, body composition, daily maintenance, improper trimming, tension and anxiety.For female friends, they need to understand their fabrics, sizes and maintenance methods before wearing sexy underwear, which will help reduce the wetness of the waist.

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