Women who do not show President Wu to President Wu

Why don’t some women look at President Wu to see sexy underwear?

In the workplace, many women maintain a certain sense of distance with their bosses, leaders or bosses.Among them, many women also pay attention to their wear, especially personal items such as sexy underwear, and they are not willing to be seen by their bosses in work occasions.In this case, what causes such a mentality?

1. Disglement of identity

Regardless of which industry, there is a gap between the identity between the bosses and the employees, and wearing is a manifestation of identity.Women have a certain difference between wearing and boss, but they cannot be directly expressed. They can only distinguish them through different ways of dressing.On the basis of this difference, women will have their own expectations, hoping that the boss will not cross this level gap.Therefore, unwilling to let the boss look at personal items such as sexy underwear, it is also to maintain the incompetence of identity, avoid the boss from crossing this bottom line, and let his bottom limit move downward.

2. The need for privacy

No matter who it is, there is a sense of privacy in private space, and private items such as sex underwear are very personal.Women are unwilling to let others see these items in public, even the boss is no exception.This is also the need for women to protect themselves, avoiding their own private life by others.

3. Workplace gender discrimination

In the workplace, gender discrimination is common.In this context, women need to maintain a sense of distance in work occasions to maintain their dignity.Interests of underwear and other items are often regarded as women’s unique items. If male bosses see it, it is easy to be misunderstood as unprofessional and serious, which will affect women’s workplace image and development.

4. Cultural background and education level

Different cultural backgrounds and education levels also affect women’s attitudes towards personal items such as sexy underwear.In China, many women accept traditional cultural education. Traditional concepts believe that women should keep their body like jade, so they are unwilling to show their own personal belongings and privacy.In foreign countries, private items such as sexy underwear are regarded as a manifestation of gender equality. Women do not need to treat it as privacy, and they will not feel embarrassed.

5. Restrictions on workplace relations

In fact, some women in the workplace are not disgusted with private objects such as showing off their own sexy underwear, but due to the restrictions of factors such as workplace relations and the taste of the boss, they cannot be manifested.At the same time, many companies also have strict dressing requirements, asking employees to be decent to avoid catering to the company’s unhealthy aesthetic tendency. This has also become one of the factors that restrict women to show private items such as sexy underwear.

In summary, there is nothing absolute, and there is no fixed answer to explain why some women do not show President Wu’s sexy underwear.However, the restrictions and hidden concerns in the workplace make women more cautious, pay more attention to protecting themselves, and maintaining the relationship between their boss and boss.In the workplace, women want to be respected, and at the same time they must have sufficient awareness of self -protection, so as to better develop themselves and realize their professional dreams.

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