Why is the upload of sexy underwear unsuccessful uploading


With the improvement of people’s living standards and the opening of sexual concepts, sexy underwear, as a special style of underwear, is becoming more and more popular in the market.However, when uploading fun underwear shops, there are always some unsuccessful uploads.This may make merchants feel very troublesome.This article will analyze the reasons and solutions of unsuccessful uploading of sexy underwear in detail.

By size matching is not suitable

Compared with the special nature of other ordinary underwear, sexy underwear should pay more attention to the size matching.If you choose inappropriate sizes, sexy underwear can easily lead to changing models and unsuccessful uploading.

The picture file is too large

When uploading sex underwear, the size of the picture will also affect the success rate of uploading.If the picture is too large, it may lead to slow upload speed, or it fails directly during the upload process.Therefore, compression or adjustment of picture resolution can be adopted to solve this problem.

Improper picture format

The picture format of uploading sex underwear is also a key factor affecting the success of uploading.If the picture format you uploaded is incorrect, or it does not match the picture format provided by the platform, it may cause upload failure.

Item description does not meet the requirements

When uploading interesting underwear in merchants, the description of items is also a problem that needs to be paid attention to.If the description of the item does not meet the actual situation, the buyer will have a huge complaint opinion.If the merchant’s sexy lingerie description and title are incomplete or inaccurate, it may fail.

Merchant information review has not passed

When a merchant uploads interesting underwear, it is possible to have problems that the merchant’s information review may not be approved.Merchants must have relevant license or certification documents, and the information must be accurate, otherwise it will not be successful.Therefore, merchants should carefully prepare relevant documents and verify their accuracy.

Platform restriction

Some merchants are also limited by the platform when uploading fun underwear.The platform may restrict the sexy underwear uploaded by the merchant, such as only uploading a certain amount or a certain value of sexy underwear.Therefore, when merchants upload interest underwear, they need to carefully study the policy of the platform.

Network failure

Although this situation is not very common, a network failure may occur when merchants uploaded interest underwear.For example, problems such as dropping and slowing speeds during uploading may cause upload failure.Merchants can try to replace other network environments to solve this problem.

Platform system vulnerability

Of course, it may also be that the platform’s system itself exists in loopholes, which makes merchants unable to successfully upload sex underwear.If the merchant believes that the system problem of the platform fails, the relevant merchant services can be contacted for feedback and solution.

in conclusion

In short, there are many possible reasons for merchants to upload interest underwear, such as improper selection of size, inappropriate picture size, incorrect picture formats, incorrect descriptions of items, failure to pass business information review, and so on.Merchants should consider the specific reasons carefully and take corresponding measures to solve it.At the same time, merchants should also further study the upload policy of the platform to avoid excessive problems when uploading sexy underwear, and ensure that the merchant operates normally.

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