What sexy underwear wears a round face

Title: What are the sexy underwear in round faces

A round -faced person wearing a sexy underwear is a difficult thing, because you must find the right style and tailoring to highlight the figure, rather than highlight the characteristics of the face.In this article, we will provide you with some techniques to wear sexy underwear so that round -faced people can wear confidence and sexy feelings.

1. Avoid too loose design

For people with round faces, too loose sexy underwear design shows a sense of oppression in the case of drooping and dragging.This will lead to being sexy and not attractive enough.Instead, the more sexual color of the body’s more fit design can make the figure more attractive.

2. Choose a V -neck design

Most people with round faces have a round and prominent face shape. Correspondingly, their chests are likely to be prominent.In order to balance their figure, it is recommended that people with round faces choose a low V -neck design, which will turn their eyes to the chest area, which is more beautiful and sexy.

3. Choose high waist pants

Similar to the sexy underwear of loose design, low -waist underwear may highlight the bloated body of the round face.In order to avoid this embarrassing situation, choosing high waist underwear can raise the waistline to a more beautiful and good position.The high -waisted design usually exposes the navel and part of the back, which will also visually increase the highlight of the figure.

4. Choose dark color sexy underwear

People with round faces are suitable for choosing dark color sexy underwear, such as black, dark blue, dark red and so on.These dark tones can make the body look stronger, uneven, and mixed with some mystery.

5. Small fabrics and suspenders are a good choice

The suspender -style sexy underwear has an excellent advantage, that is, it can reduce the weight of the shoulder and make the round -faced people look more "light ”. In addition, the sexy underwear of choosing small fabrics can also highlight the characteristics of the figure. Small pieces of small pieces. Small pieces.The fabric is closely surrounded by the body and shows the body curve in a better way.

6. Do you want to be literary?Lace design to help

In order to increase some literary atmosphere and gentleness, it is recommended to choose sexy underwear with lace design.Lace is usually regarded as a soft, romantic or low -key element, and such a sexy underwear is suitable for women of all ages.

7. Select underwear with obvious effects

The round -faced person is charming because of the strong body curve. It is recommended to choose a sexy underwear with obvious effects for themselves. This can better highlight the lines, textures and curves of the body.Underwear with a gathering effect is very suitable for women, because it will shorten the distance of the chest without plastic surgery.

8. Don’t be afraid of changes

Finally, remind people who round face, don’t be afraid to try new styles and fancy sexy underwear.Such an attempt can add new elements to your wear, and it also helps you to better understand your style. Therefore, don’t pay attention to a brand or style, but try and choose more sexy underwear for you.


No matter what your face is, choosing sexy underwear should be a process that makes you feel confident and wonderful.People with round faces are not difficult to wear sexy underwear. Just remember some basic wearing skills and try different designs and popular elements to create a most suitable dressing style for themselves.

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