What sexy underwear for a dwarf

Pay attention to the problem of shortness when choosing sexy underwear

Every girl wants to have a confident sexy sexy appearance to satisfy the careful thinking of women.But if you are a small girl, how can you choose sexy underwear better?Next, let’s take a look at what issues should be paid attention to.

The first article can lengthen the height line after putting it on

Small sisters must choose sexy underwear that can lengthen the height lines.For example, low -cut style, hip skirt and other design can make the whole person look more slender.In addition, choose more V -type collar underwear to increase the chest straightness, focusing on the perfect upper body lines, and enhance the beauty of the collarbone and neckline.

The second color should be paired with

Color is also very important, and you must pay special attention when choosing.Bright colors will add a fresh and playful, and the dark color will make you look more mature and stable.It is recommended to choose a cold color in color, because this color is matte, and it looks very Monica, which is more solid and thick than white.You can choose dark -colored underwear such as black, gray, dark purple, etc., and you must also be cautious. It is best to use the same color system. This will make it more visually well -consuming, and the whole person seems to be calm.

Article 3 Tailor -made, suitable for beauty

For short women, tailor -made or exclusive custom -made sexy underwear is the most suitable, because this service will fully take into account personal needs.The back contour will be more beautiful, and it will also bring you higher comfort and better modification effect.However, the short sister should pay attention to try it out first, find the suitable style that is suitable for herself, and avoid the flesh leak from the size of the size.

Article 4 Select the right personal underwear

It is also very important to match the close -up underwear. It will affect your body proportion and the effect of underwear.It is recommended to choose those panties or underwear with lace fabrics. This fabric is very thin and soft, and wearing very breathable and comfortable. In addition, in the choice of fabrics, you must also choose some soft skin -friendly and elastic fabrics.There will be no excessive wrinkles, and the overall visual effect will be better.

Article 5 Avoid complex texture

For short women, the design on the underwear is not just the appearance, but the too tedious texture and diverse patterns are not suitable.It is recommended to choose a simple, large -area single color, so as to highlight the body size ratio of the whole person and look more concise.

Article 6 The style should be based on self -cultivation

In terms of style, you must focus on slimming. Do not choose too loose underwear. Even sports styles must choose styles that can fit the figure.Those hips, gathering, and false designs are all good effects of visual modification for short MM. The entire tailoring and version of the underwear must be carefully carved to create high -quality underwear.

Article 7 Create slender waist lines

The waistline is the key to a person’s figure. Once the waistline changes, the proportion of the whole person will change greatly.In order to have better results, a short MM is recommended to choose a corset that can highlight the waist lines, so that it can avoid strengths and avoid their own advantages; in addition, you can also choose some underwear with waist and abdomen effect.Highlight the waist lines more, making the whole person look more slender visually.

Article 8 with high -heeled shoes to modify body lines

For a short girl, it is best to match a pair of high heels.High -heeled shoes can improve your height, and it can stretch your body lines well, but it is recommended to control the height within 10cm, which can protect your feet health well.

Article 9 Clean and Maintenance underwear

After buying the ideal underwear, how to maintain long -term maintenance?Sex underwear often adds a certain amount of straight fiber, which will easily deform when encountering water and it is more difficult to maintain.It is recommended to choose professional underwear washing fluid for cleaning and correct methods. Wash it frequently. Do not mix and clean with other colors of clothing. It can make the lingerie life longer and the effect is the best.

Article 10 Details determine success or failure

Just like people in the major halls say that the details determine the success or failure, as well as the matching of the underwear.I deeply understand my body, and then match the suitable sexy underwear, which can not only make myself more confident, but also add points to the figure.Therefore, pay attention to the details of the underwear, pay more attention to the coordination of wearing.


There are many requirements for choosing the sexy underwear of a short girl. There are many requirements.But we can still find underwear that suits us.Pay attention to the fabric, version, and design details. The modification function of the underwear is the most important. Choosing a suitable sexy underwear can make the whole person more beautiful and confident.

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