What are the underwear sex lingerie brands

What are the underwear sex lingerie brands

A brand overview

With the increase in market demand, underwear and lingerie brands are also increasing.These brands have different appearances and different service objects.It is important to choose a good brand for people who like underwear and underwear.

Well -known brand recommendation

In the field of underwear, three well -known brands occupy most of the market.They are Victoria’s Secrets, Triumph and Aimer.The quality and style of these three brands have their own characteristics and have become the authority of the underwear and lingerie industry.

Domestic brand introduction

There are many domestic underwear sex underwear brands, which are more famous of which are Aimer, Maniform, Oleno, Staccato, Wangjiamei, SEMIR, Ordifen, Natsume, Kazilan and so on.

Import brand introduction

European and American underwear brands are also very popular in China.Victoria’s Secrets, Calvin Klein, Agent Provocateur and other international brands have also gone very well in the domestic market.These brands are usually characterized by novel design, excellent quality, and high prices.

Different brand style

Although there are many underwear and lingerie brands, their own styles are very different.Victoria’s secrets, Aimer and other brands focus on gorgeous and luxurious design styles, while Triumph focuses on underwear products with strong practicality.

Different brand services

In addition to different styles, the services of underwear and lingerie brands are also different.Some brands often hold preferential activities to allow users to enjoy more discounts during shopping; some brands pay more attention to after -sales service and provide 1 year of warranty services.

Different brand positioning

For the same underwear products, the prices of different brands are also very different.Some brands pay attention to high -end markets, and their prices are relatively expensive, while some brands focus on low -end markets, and their prices are close to the people.

Brand’s popularity and credibility

When buying underwear for underwear, consumers are more oriented to choose well -known brands because the quality and services of these brands are guaranteed.When choosing a niche brand, in addition to paying attention to the brand recognition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the brand’s credibility and reputation.

Brand history and development

Many well -known underwear and lingerie brands have a history of decades, and these brands have always maintained their own development and innovation.Their development has also left an important page for the development of underwear culture.

The relationship between brand and fashion

Underwear sex lingerie brands follow the trend of fashion, and constantly push new and new colors, so that consumers can also have a sense of fashion while wearing comfort.The brand also regularly launches cooperative styles to cooperate with fashion brands to jointly create a more fashionable underwear product.


It is very important to choose a suitable underwear and lingerie brand. It is mainly reflected in the wearing comfort, good fabric health, diverse styles, and good service.Different brands are suitable for different user groups. Consumers need to choose from their own needs when buying to buy them.

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