Wear sex underwear on the night of marriage

When lovers step into the marriage hall, their lives will change tremendous changes.On the wedding day, the bride needs to wear a beautiful but moving wedding dress, and the groom needs to decorate herself on the dress.But as a couple, they certainly hope that this day can be more special and unforgettable.Before going to bed, the newlywed couple put on a high -quality sexy underwear, which may be a good choice.

1. Various types of sexy underwear

Different fun and occasions can have different styles of sexy underwear.For example, some exposed or perspective designs are very suitable for use in private occasions, and other sexy adult clothing can also be worn at celebration.

2. We ushered in a special night after marriage

On the wedding day, the groom and the bride will go through some exciting and expected experiences.On the special night of the newlywed couple, sexy underwear can increase some vitality and passion.

3. Selection of colors and details

When selecting sexy underwear, the color and details are very important.Underwear with red as the background is often considered sexy, but if you prefer other colors, there is no problem at all.Generally, the more strange design and lace corset can promote the generation of romantic emotions.

4. Material and comfort

It is important to choose the material and comfort of the underwear.Lace or silk style, although very sexy, may not be comfortable enough.Therefore, try to choose comfortable materials to ensure that there is no uncomfortable situation in a romantic night.

5. style choice

Choosing the style of sexy underwear can be simple and sexy, or rich details.For some people, simple styles may be more suitable, and for others, the design of fragrant and artistic design may attract them more.

6. The body of the wearer

Body is also an important consideration for choosing sexy underwear.Because each person’s body is different, this must be considered when choosing a sexy underwear.For example, most sexy underwear is designed by close body, providing a perfect fit for the fat and thin figure.

7. Romance and warmth before going to bed

Sex underwear can increase some romantic atmosphere and intimacy.This is very important for the newlyweds, because the atmosphere of this day may lose some sweet memories.Comfortable and romance increased the sense of recognition of new wedding burning to fire to a new height.

8. Possibly the possibility of exploration of love

The newly married night is usually the height of Parolont, which is the possibility of exploration.Putting on a sexy underwear can be sexy and promote the intimate emotions between husband and wife, thereby creating a warm and romantic night.

9. The importance of time

On a special night, it is important to choose a comfortable and comfortable sexy underwear.This may take some time, so the newlywed couple can expand this together with the time of preparing for the wedding so that they can experience this special night more comprehensively.

10. Viewpoint

On the special night of the newlywed couple, wearing a sexy underwear is a good way to increase the romantic atmosphere and explore the intimate relationship between husband and wife.Of course, choosing the right style, materials and size is equally important for physical and mental health.

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