What are imported sexy underwear brands?

What are the imported sexy underwear brands?

Interest underwear has become one of the essential supplies for modern women.Imported erotic underwear not only ensures the quality and style of underwear, but also has different underwear in the domestic market.So, what are the imported erotic underwear brands?This article will introduce you to high -quality sexy underwear brands.

1. Georgie Lyall

George Lily is a sexy underwear brand from Britain and enjoys a high reputation in the European underwear market.The brand product design style is luxurious, with embellishment, and the proportion of women’s figure, creating amazing lines for women’s figure.

2. Lantise

Landtose is a French -free underwear brand from France. Its product quality is high, beautifully designed, and is widely used in the fashion show.Its positioning lies in noble and beautiful, gorgeous and sexy.

3. Dodo Angel

The Duoduo Angel is a sexy underwear brand from Europe. It is mainly known for its unique design, exquisite fabric and tailoring.It often launchs more outstanding products in the underwear market, collecting many user bases for followers.

4. Monica

Monica is a sexy underwear brand from the United States and enjoys a reputation worldwide.Its product line includes all kinds of sexy underwear, from simple to gorgeous, which can meet the various aesthetic needs of women.

5. Dance of Light

Light Dance is a sexy underwear brand from South Korea, known for its auxiliary products.It is also very outstanding in creating delicate sexy underwear, creating a more charming figure for women.

6. Angelina (Angelina)

Angelina is a sexy underwear brand from Brazil with "enthusiasm, temptation, enjoyment, romance, and quiet" as a design interpretation. The popular style includes sexy underwear and low -cut buttocks that expose the navel.

7. Leinuo

Leino is a sexy lingerie brand from Germany. The style of its product line is mainly beautiful, sexy, and elegant. It uses high -quality fabrics, unique shapes, focusing on details, showing women’s natural beauty and elegant figure.

8. Darjeeling

Da Ye is a French -free underwear brand. With different design and continuous innovation as the concept, it has brought customers a variety of high -end products and sensory enjoyment. Whether it is a conventional sexy underwear or a more special silk style,Da Ye is undoubtedly a unique sexy underwear brand.

9. Peek & Beau

Peak is a sexy underwear brand from Britain, committed to creating underwear products suitable for various types of figure types.The brand’s design is simple and generous, which is different from other sexy underwear brands.

10. Monique Bégin

Monica Beruch is a sexy underwear brand from Canada. It mainly has simple design concepts and sexy. The product line is unique and stylish.The shaping effect of these products is just right to interpret women’s body lines.

in conclusion:

In short, there are many influential brands in the imported erotic underwear market. Their design, fabrics, tailoring and quality have attracted much attention. Whether in Europe, Asia or the Americas, these brands have achieved considerable success.With the improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements for sexy underwear are getting higher and higher, which also provides opportunities for brand innovation.

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