What are the risks of buying sexy underwear online


Interesting underwear is a component of modern human life. It can not only regulate the atmosphere, but also increase interest and improve the quality of sex.With the development of computer networks, buying sexy underwear is no longer limited to physical stores, and buying sexy underwear online has gradually become a choice.However, there are still many risks to buy sexy underwear online. Let’s take a look together.

Risk 1: Hidden quality issues

Interest underwear is divided into a variety of materials, such as cotton, silk, gauze, etc.When buying sexy underwear in a physical store, you can understand quality and feel by trying it in person, but you ca n’t identify the real objects online when you buy it online. It is easy to buy poor quality sexy underwear.

Risk 2: It is difficult to determine the size

The size of sexy underwear varies from brand and style, some are close -fitting, and some are loose.When buying sexy underwear on the Internet, there is a deviation in the judgment of the appropriate size of the size. It may cause problems with inappropriate sizes, affecting the wearing effect, and even affecting health.

Risk 3: The picture is far from the real thing

The processing technology of the picture is getting higher and higher, and the various light and shadow and post -production may have a long way to be different from the actual product.It is expected to be very different.

Risk 4: Inaccurate size

In recent years, illegal molecules have used computer technology to forge the color, style, size and other information of some products, thereby trying to perform some fraud.It is easy to encounter such fraud in sexy underwear online, resulting in the not.

Risk 5: The appearance and shape cannot meet the needs

The appearance of sexy sexy underwear is also a question that needs to be considered.However, the definition of sexy varies from person to person. People of different ages, height, and body shapes have different requirements for sexy underwear, and it is difficult to meet the needs when buying.

Risk 6: Do not meet hygiene requirements

Although the state has formulated a series of underwear industry standards, due to the large number of sexy underwear products involved in the Internet, there may be unqualified products.This will cause some hidden dangers of hygiene, especially for women, which will affect reproduction and health.

Risk 7: It is difficult to guarantee

If you buy sexy underwear in a physical store, the common thing is that you do not meet your own requirements, you can return it at any time.However, if you buy sexy underwear online, it is difficult to guarantee that you can retreat truthfully. Sometimes it will be difficult to refund because some information is not synchronized. Some merchants have deliberately set up various "thresholds" to make consumers return to the door.

Risk 8: It may be leaked for personal privacy

As a personal product, sexy underwear is often reluctant to admit it to people around.However, when buying online, it is inevitable to fill in some personal information, including names, addresses, telephones, etc., which will inevitably cause leakage to consumers’ privacy.

Risk 9: From time to time there are preferential scams appear

Due to factors such as asymmetric, insufficient transparency, and word -of -mouth evaluation online, online shopping is more prone to various fraud behaviors. Some merchants promote low prices, discounts, and lies in sexy products and high -quality products to deceive consumers.

Risk 10: Unstable logistics distribution

When buying sexy underwear in a physical store, consumers can leave directly when they get their favorite erotic underwear, but shopping on the Internet has a logistics distribution link.The logistics channels on the Internet and the logistics of physical stores are also different. It may affect the quality of the product because of the long distance or the transit transportation.

in conclusion

It can be seen that buying sexy underwear online does have a lot of risks, such as uncertain size, poor quality, scams, etc.Therefore, we need to take corresponding measures for these issues, such as selecting regular merchants, carefully checking product information, paying attention to product evaluation, and strengthening self -protection awareness during the shopping process to avoid risks and obtain a high -quality shopping experience.

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