What are the anchors of sexy underwear

Title: What are the anchors of sexy underwear?

In recent years, sexy underwear has become more and more popular in China, and some sex underwear anchors have gradually become online celebrities. They are full or charming, sexy or cute, bringing a lot of erotic, nasty, and ridiculous content to the audience.So, what are these sexy underwear anchors?Let’s understand one by one.

1. Complete natural

It is completely natural, and the aliases are one of the more famous sexy underwear anchors in China.With her natural plump body, sexy and tender lips, and naturally atmospheric live broadcast methods, she attracted the attention of many audiences.In addition to showing your body in the live broadcast, it is naturally often exchanged for emotional exchanges, which is supported by many audiences.

2. Xia Qingxin

Xia Qingxin, once a dance coach, later transformed into a sexy underwear anchor.She has a moving figure and a cute little face, attracting a lot of young male audiences with a fresh and bright style.In the recent live broadcast, Xia Qingxin also cooperated with other anchors to jointly produce some hilarious paragraphs and content.

3. Yan Panpan

Yan Panpan is one of the more famous sexy underwear anchors in China. She has a pair of sexy long legs and good looks.In the live broadcast, she often showed shows and some mini -games, which was loved by the audience.Although in the Internet, Yan Panpan is a controversial anchor, but it is still a beautiful woman in the minds of many people.

4. Ziyue

Ziyue is a very sexy and charming sexy underwear anchor with a sexy and hot body and charming look.In the live broadcast, she will perform some behaviors that tease the audience, which is very suitable for those male audiences who love sexy.At the same time, her live broadcast content also contains a lot of life content, which is loved by the audience.

5. Hip maim

The hip -hip maid is one of the more famous sexy underwear anchors in China. She has attracted the attention of many audiences with her beautiful figure and lively character.Her live broadcast includes makeup, various small games and sexy performances.In addition, she also has many beautiful sexy underwear and will display models in the live broadcast.

6. Xue Xue

Xue Xue is a more mysterious sexy underwear anchor. She has a delicious figure and a charming smile.In the live broadcast, Xue Xue will perform emotional exchanges, naked chats, and clothes shows, especially her language is very fascinating, which has attracted the attention of many audiences.

7. Fish

Fish is a very talented sexy underwear anchor. Her writing and language ability are very outstanding, and often show "hard technology" products.At the same time, she is also good at exchanging and ridiculous emotional exchanges, and is loved by the audience.

8. Chicken young man

The young young man is one of the more famous sexy underwear anchors in China. He has won the love of many audiences with humorous personality and superb acting skills.In the live broadcast, he will conduct emotional communication, paragraph performance and entertainment content, which is popular with the audience.

9. Strawberry girl

Strawberry girls have won the love of many male audiences with their cute appearance and cute personality.In the live broadcast, she will show new sexy underwear, practice dancing, sing, chat, etc., which is well -loved by the audience.

10. Mengran

Mengran is one of the better sexy underwear anchors in the domestic anchor. She has attracted the attention of many male audiences with her beautiful figure, charming lips and sexy wearing.In the live broadcast, her performance style is changeable, sometimes ride Tang Bohu, sometimes cold and elegant, and also perform emotional exchanges and language performances.


Although sexy underwear anchors are controversial groups in the Internet, it is undeniable that they have their own characteristics and charm and can open up the market space of live broadcasting and the Internet industry.Moreover, there are many audiences reacting. They have brought a lot of happiness and joy to make them feel some interesting things. Therefore, sexy underwear anchors are a very interesting person.

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