Top Ten Rankings of Fun Underwear 2018

Top Ten Rankings of Fun Underwear 2018

1. Victoria’s Secret

As the world’s most well -known underwear brand, Victoria’s Secret is definitely the top ranking.It has a variety of styles and models of sexy underwear, including adult erotic lingerie and sexy lingerie.

2. Agent Provocateur

This is a British underwear brand, which is mainly famous for sexy sexy underwear.Their design and materials are very well -known, and the rich and diverse products make it a member of the competitors.

3. La Perla

This is another Italian underwear brand, which is particularly good at sexy underwear.Its underwear is exquisitely designed, more high -end, and the price is higher.

4. Aimer

As a Chinese underwear brand, Aimer has a variety of sexy underwear. These underwear styles are diverse, including Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, and Chinese style.Moderate prices, loved by women in the Mainland.

5. passionata

This is a French underwear brand, which also has a high popularity in the sexy underwear market.Its sexy lingerie is colorful and colorful, suitable for women of different ages and figures.

6. Bluebella

This is a British underwear brand, which is famous for innovation and sexy design.Its sexy underwear is generally low, and it is refreshing with a variety of interesting materials and details.

7. cosabella

This is a Underwear brand from Italy. It is well -known for daily underwear, but their sexuality of the sexy underwear is also very unique.Their underwear uses expensive materials such as silk and lace, and the top version and comfortable texture also add more commercial value to it.

8. Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky, the most famous product in New York in New York, USA is its comfortable Thong underwear.However, their interesting underwear is also excellent, taking into account comfort and sexy, as well as women with rich styles and diverse styles, suitable for female groups with different preferences.

9. Honey Birdette

This is a underwear brand from Australia, which is very suitable for women who like jewelry and sexy design.Their sexy underwear often adopts rich details, tassels and diamonds, suitable for women who like luxurious and beautiful.

10. L’Gent by Agent Provocateur

Due to the success of Agent Provocateur in adult sex, it has established the L’Agent brand to attract more young and fashionable customers.L’Agent’s sexy underwear style is younger and fashionable, suitable for trendy women.

In summary, we can see that these ten brands have corresponding business value and market recognition in the sexual and erotic underwear market.No matter what style you like, you can find a sexy underwear that suits you in these brands.Remember, the purpose of sexy underwear is to make you confident, sexy and beautiful, so it is very important to choose a suitable sexy underwear.

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