Three -point sex lingerie catwalk show


Sexy underwear is a sexy and charming clothing. More and more women are trying to wear sexy underwear to show their sexy charm.Today we will introduce three different types of sexy underwear, which have different characteristics and applicable occasions.

The first one: Xiangyan’s lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear is often regarded as the representative of sexy underwear.They use thin lace fabrics, deliberately highlight the beauty of women.

This underwear model is elegant, suitable for showing its elegance in bed.However, wearing in daily life may not be practical, because lace materials are easily worn.

Second paragraph: challenging open -stall sex lingerie

Open underwear is the most challenging sexy underwear, because it is a underwear that can expose private parts.It is often considered a symbol of burning passion.

However, wearing open underwear also needs to be practical, otherwise embarrassing things may occur at any time.It is best to use on the bed to make surprises and stimuli in the manufacturing life.

Third paragraph: Ordinary and sexy balance-the combination of bra and underwear

The combination of bra and underwear is a kind of sexy and practical sexy underwear that allows women to show their charm in daily life.

Compared with lace underwear, the combination of bra and underwear is more practical, and it is more applicable to work and daily activities.At the same time, through delicate design, it can also show the charm of women.

Factors that need to be considered when choosing sexy underwear

Selecting sex underwear also needs to consider the following factor:

Whether the material of the underwear is breathable and comfortable

Underwear suitable occasions and scenes

My body and wearing experience

Best Practice: Tips to wear sexy underwear

Avoid wearing too tight underwear, so as not to affect blood circulation

Choose a sexy lingerie style that suits your body, so that you can show yourself the best state

Pay attention to whether sexy underwear is suitable for wearing occasions, don’t wear improperly and cause embarrassment

Falling underwear maintenance and cleaning

The maintenance and cleaning of sexy underwear is also a very important thing. The following are some tips:

Avoid drying in strong sunlight and avoid exposure

Use mild detergent to clean it naturally, do not use bleach or strong acid detergent

It is best to turn the opposite side of the sex underwear before cleaning, so that it can better protect the details of the details

in conclusion

Sex underwear allows women to show their charm and stimulate the passion and excitement of sexual life.Of course, choosing the right sexy underwear also needs to consider it carefully, and you need to pay attention to the problems of maintenance and cleaning.

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