Taobao store selling sexy underwear requirements

Learn about the various regulations of Taobao platforms

To open sex underwear shops on Taobao, we must first understand the requirements of the Taobao platform.Especially for shops involving adult products, the regulations are very strict.

Choose excellent suppliers

It is very important to sell excellent suppliers for Taobao stores.Considering that when buying sexy underwear, they pay attention to style, quality, details, accessories, etc., so excellent suppliers can bring more fans to your shop.

Ensure the quality of the product

Interest underwear needs to consider product quality problems than other clothes.In terms of washing, cleaning, management storage, etc., you must have more attention.And better ingredients and materials need to ensure integrity and cuteness, causing customers’ sexual fantasy and exploration of life and sexual life.This requires us more responsible to carefully control the quality of the goods.

Reasonable pricing

In terms of pricing, cost and market conditions must be considered.Interest underwear will definitely be higher than the traditional garment pricing, but don’t be too high. Consider the market.

Establish a brand image

For sexy underwear, the brand image is very important.This includes not only the design, decoration of the store, but also the logo and slogan of the store.Only by establishing a good brand image can we attract more loyal fans.

Provide high -quality customer service services

Interest underwear is an unsightly product, and users have many questions and concerns during the purchase process.Therefore, it is important to provide high -quality customer service services.Not only must you provide professional answers to users, but also patience and enthusiasm.

Multi -angle display products

Selling sexy underwear in Taobao stores needs to have as detailed graphic introduction as possible, and presents products to users at multiple angles.It is not enough to be less than 10. It is recommended that 15 to 20 pieces.In addition, you need to pay attention to shooting details to show the beauty and exquisiteness of the product.

Pay attention to the management of product evaluation

In the field of sexy underwear, user consultation and praise are a very important but not easy to do.How to manage product evaluation?It is recommended to divide the difficulty into three levels, and introduce the specific methods to handle each level in detail.Look at each praise with a positive mentality and reduce the negative impact of each bad review with a negative mentality.

Reasonable logistics distribution

Process, scheme, speed, tracking, after -sales, all of which are within the consideration of logistics distribution.When selecting logistics channels, it is recommended to choose channels with strong comprehensive, good reputation, fast delivery speed and quality assurance.The choice of logistics channels directly affects the user experience and cannot be ignored.


To sell sexy underwear in Taobao stores, you need to manage all links finely.Among them, the steps of choosing suppliers, providing high -quality services, multi -angle display products, and focusing on product evaluation management are needed.Only at the same time in many aspects can we quickly improve the brand and reputation of the store.

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