Taobao sex underwear comment has no picture

Why is there no picture of Taobao sex underwear comments?

Taobao is one of the largest online shopping platforms in China. Many people choose to buy sexy underwear on Taobao.However, if you notice the Taobao sexy underwear review area, you will find that they usually have no pictures, which is confusing.Below, I will discuss several reasons.

Product description detailed

Taobao’s sexy underwear descriptions are usually very detailed, including color, style, size and fabric.The seller may also add some accessories such as gloves or socks.This allows buyers to clearly understand the appearance and functions of the product, so as to make the correct purchase decision.

Buyers upload pictures by themselves

Although there are no pictures in Taobao’s comment area, many buyers are still willing to upload pictures of their own sexy underwear.These pictures are usually displayed in the buyer show area.In these pictures, you can see the appearance effect of sexy underwear and its applicability in different people.

Protecting buyers’ privacy

Interest underwear is usually a very privacy product, involving personal privacy and sexual life.Some buyers do not want their photos or information to be displayed publicly, so there is no picture in the comment area to protect the buyer’s privacy.

Comment content is more critical

The focus of Taobao sex underwear comments is usually placed in text content, that is, buyers’ opinions and suggestions on the use of the product.These comments can usually be indexed by search engine so that other buyers can easily find the information they need.

Avoid infringement issues

Interest underwear usually has obvious sexy characteristics. Sellers worry that photos may violate the copyright of others or violate relevant laws and regulations.Therefore, the stores are usually cautious to avoid any problems with Taobao’s sexy underwear review areas.

The focus is on the product itself

On the platform that focuses on commodity sales like Taobao, the product itself should be the focus of product sales.Although the picture can display the appearance characteristics of a product well, the focus of the comments is usually to emphasize the characteristics of the product, so that customers can better understand the quality of the product, so sometimes do not need pictures.

Although there is no picture, the quality of the comment underwear is very high

In the process of shopping in Taobao, buyers are most concerned about the quality and services of goods.Although there are no pictures in the sexy underwear reviews, because many buyers have uploaded their photos, consumers can enter the evaluation area before they don’t know if they are suitable for these products to see the effects of other people.Therefore, the value of these messages is still very high.

Although there is no picture, buyers can still get enough information in the comments

There may be pictures in the comments of sexy underwear, but they do not affect buyers’ decisions.The comments still include comments on sizes, fabrics, comfort and other aspects. Buyers can understand the advantages and disadvantages of the product through these comments to make better purchase decisions.

in conclusion

There is no picture for Taobao sex underwear review areas. It may be a problem for some buyers, but we cannot deny its importance.Without pictures, those highly detailed and useful comments are still very valuable.You can still make the right purchase decision through all information in the comment area.

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