Swimsuit can wear sexy underwear

Swimsuit can wear sexy underwear

Swimsuit can wear sexy underwear

In summer, how to wear a swimsuit on the beach to show the sexy charm of women?Try the way to match erotic underwear in the swimsuit.Let’s discuss this fashion, sexy and interesting way of dressing together.

1. The advantage of making sex underwear in the swimsuit

Traditional swimsuit design styles are often conservative, but underwear has sexy, interesting and fashionable elements.With the two, the swimsuit can become more sexy, fashionable and interesting.

2. Select the right style of sexy underwear

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You must choose a style suitable for the beach atmosphere with a sexy underwear with a swimsuit. It should not be too exposed or too sexy.For example, choosing white or skin -tone underwear, with lace or lace, can retain the sexy elements of underwear, not to make the whole dress too abrupt.

3. Confirm the degree of adaptability of swimsuit and sexy underwear

In addition to choosing styles, it is also necessary to ensure that the wearing of swimsuit and sexy underwear is suitable.If the bathing suit itself is tight, then wearing a sexy underwear may cause unnatural lines.Therefore, you need to choose a suitable swimsuit and sexy underwear for matching.

4. See the situation to choose a coat

If you don’t want to be completely naked in the sun, you can choose a suitable coat to match.For example, long -sleeved shirts or translucent long coats can protect the skin and retain a sense of fashion.

5. Match the right accessories

In addition to underwear and jackets, it is also an important part with suitable accessories.For example, hats, sunglasses, pendants, bracelets, etc., can add an elegant feeling to the entire swimsuit+sex lingerie.

6. Requirement for body figure

Wearing a swimsuit requires certain requirements for figure, and it is the same with sexy underwear.However, if you do n’t have a perfect figure, you do n’t have to worry too much. Choose the right swimsuit and sexy underwear, and the appropriate accessories can create a good overall feeling.


7. Pay attention to the atmosphere and occasion

Select the occasion carefully.If it is just a normal morning or afternoon swimming, the matching of the underwear and swimsuit may look too weird.The matching should be compatible with the environment and the venue and the social norms.

8. Cooperate with makeup and hairstyle

Finally, choose the right makeup and hairstyle.The exposed skin and hair will become extremely soft and texture after the sun is sunny and salt water.The thick buns and natural makeup are also a good choice, making the whole dress more natural and beautiful.

While wearing a swimsuit, with sexy lingerie, it can make the whole person more comfortable, casual, and interesting, showing women’s more real charm.When choosing to match, be sure to choose suitable for your body, meet the occasion, suitable accessories, and pay attention to the effect of matching.Swimsuit is a relatively avant -garde and bold way of dressing in the swimsuit. Only those who know how to appreciate and grasp can experience the beauty of them.