Super tender model fun underwear show

Super tender model fun underwear show

1. Super tender model fun underwear show

Interest underwear has become a fashionable and sexy element for contemporary women, and super beautiful tender models are often spokespersons of major sex lingerie brands. Their figures are perfect.Different, let’s enjoy these super tender sexy underwear shows together!

2. Novice must look at: Basic style

For novices who want to try sexy underwear, the basic style must be the first choice, such as suits, jumpsuits, etc., choose silk or lace materials, and the color is mainly black or red. These styles are both beautiful and easy to match.The best choice for the first experience of sex underwear.

3. Sexy and elegant: bra style

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The choice of bras style is very important. In addition to using materials with attractive and sexy, you must also pay attention to the adjustment of the style. It is best to use a style with a steel ring or gathering effect.Type, at the same time increase sexy.

4. Far away from embarrassment: private parts style

The private part is a focus of sexy underwear. In some cases, it is easy to embarrassing, such as the shape of the plates will not look good when walking, etc. When choosing a fabric and good shape, it will increase the self -confidence and comfort of wearing wear.Spend.

5. Beautiful and vulgar: Block style

The style style is a very representative type in modern sex underwear. It can cover the entire body together. The selected materials are usually mainly lace.Too complicated, simple and atmospheric styles, which are neither vulgar, and beautiful, are very suitable.

6. Elegant and generous: long skirt style

Long skirt -style erotic underwear, not only looks tall, but also looks very tasteful. It complements the skirt with the outer dress. It is best to use the personal and breathable material when choosing.It can also maintain comfort.

7. Unique ingenuity: transparent style

The transparent material is already standard in the sexy underwear, but it should be noted that excessive transparency will appear somewhat exposed, but the style design of the European and American style is very suitable for this situation.Show your sexy charm.


8. Beautiful but not tedious: bellyband style

The bellyband layout makes the body more curved, especially in the performance that can play a very good embellishment, but this type of style is generally not suitable for daily wear. It is best to choose antique or classical style, which makes people feel beautiful and beautifulBut tedious.

9. Classic Retro: Study Style Style

The suspender style is very retro, but this style has unlimited charm, especially as a sexual underwear. It is very popular with women. When choosing a design style, you should pay attention to choosing a comfortable and personal style to better display your excellent curve.

10. Full text: Interesting underwear is not only sexy, but also needs elegance and comfort

In general, sexy underwear not only requires sexuality, but also needs to take into account elegance and comfort, and find a balance point in the selected style, so as to achieve the most satisfactory results.