Zhongshan Sex Culture Festival Interest Underwear Show

Zhongshan Sex Culture Festival Interest Underwear Show

Since the 1990s, China’s sexy underwear market has gradually emerged.Today, sexy underwear is no longer the topic of Taboo, but is accepted and appreciated by more and more people.To celebrate this trend, different types of sexual cultural festivals are held every year, one of which is the Zhongshan Sexual Culture Festival.As a main activity in this cultural festival, the fun underwear show has become a highlight of attracting many people.

Background introduction

The event was co -sponsored by the Zhongshan Municipal Government and the Info Underwear Industry Association.Zhongshan City has always been one of the largest sexy underwear production bases in China, and the total output value of sexy underwear produced every year reached billions of yuan.In this context, the Zhongshan Sex Culture Festival has become an important activity to promote the development of the sexy underwear industry.


After the planning of the sexy lingerie show, the preparations for venue selection, clothing design, model selection, and makeup shapes need to be carried out.This involves professional knowledge in all aspects and needs to be organized and executed by a professional team.

Fashion Design

The clothing design of the sexy underwear show needs to pay special attention to details and matching.With the powerful and diverse sexy underwear supply chain in Zhongshan City, designers can get various forms, colors and styles of sexy underwear, and matching accessories and shoes.In the process of designing clothing, the needs of models and audiences also need to be considered.

Model selection

The appearance, body and temperament of the model are the key to the success of the sexy lingerie show.Players need to pass the review to have the opportunity to enter the finals, and the final models are those who have good figures and confident people. They can show the beauty of sexy underwear on the runway.At the same time, in order to meet the needs of different audiences, designers also need to consider models with different skin tones and physical forms.


Makeup shape is also one of the necessary elements of sexy lingerie show.In order to make the model more beautiful and attractive, the makeup artist needs to use various techniques and cosmetics.For example, using loose powder and foundation to balance the skin tone and make the skin look smoother and pure.At the same time, they will make different hairstyles to adapt to the temperament of clothing and models.

Stage layout

The stage layout is one of the important tasks of the sex lingerie show.To create an interesting and attractive atmosphere, designers need to use color, lighting and other elements.For example, placing decorations, flowers, and bead curtains on the stage can allow viewers to better enjoy pleasing performances and environment.

Music, smoke and lighting up

Music, smoke and lighting are also one of the necessary elements of sexy lingerie show.Those who install smoke machines and adjust the lights on the runway can cause mystery and stuny effects at the scene.At the same time, a good music solo allows the audience to invest more in the performance.

Connection of the soul

The spiritual connection between the audience and the model is also a key to the success of the sex lingerie show.Therefore, during the performance, the model needs to communicate with the audience to resonate with the audience.In this way, the audience can better share their beauty and appreciate the charming of sexy underwear with the models.


The fun underwear show of the Zhongshan Sex Culture Festival is an interesting and attractive activity that can attract domestic and foreign audiences.In a social atmosphere of forcing, depression, and ridiculing, the sexy underwear show has become a way to dare to express, open up mentality and pursue freedom.It makes people feel beautiful, surprised and happy, and it is also a good memory of challenging and breaking through social imprisonment.