Zhang Jiani wears fun shown

Zhang Jiani wears a sexy lingerie and quotes heated discussion

Recently, Zhang Jiani attracted a lot of attention and discussion due to the appearance of sexy underwear in TV shows.Zhang Jiani is tall and slim, and she looks more sexy and charming to wear sexy underwear, but it has also attracted questioning.So, what is the sexy underwear?Is it suitable for every woman to wear?Next, this article will answer them one by one.

What is sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear is a underwear with sexy and pornography.Compared with ordinary underwear, sexy underwear is usually bolder, sexy, and exposed, allowing women to show more figure curves and sexy charm.

Types of sex underwear

There are many types of sexy underwear, including bikinis, stockings, sex skirts, lace camisrets, bellybands and so on.Among them, bikini is a very popular sexy underwear. The design is gorgeous and soft, which can show the temperament and style of women.

Sending underwear wearing occasions

Sex underwear is usually used for sex, playing, Valentine’s Day and other occasions, suitable for women with good shape curves and confident.However, for ordinary occasions, you should consider whether it is appropriate.

Size of sex underwear

The size of sexy underwear is slightly different from ordinary underwear.It is usually a size that is one size larger than usual, because the sexy underwear design is more fit and the body is more fitted, and more clothing is needed to wrap the body.

Pay attention to wearing sex underwear

In the process of wearing sex lingerie, you need to pay attention to the following:

Choose the style and size that suits you

Select the appropriate color and style according to the plot

With sexy shoes, stockings and other clothing

Avoid body editing and damage

Keep self -confidence and show your most beautiful side

Value of sex underwear

For women in sexy underwear, sexy underwear can make them more confident, sexy, and attractive.At the same time, sexy underwear is also one of the important tools to increase interest and enhance sexual life.

Interesting underwear is not suitable for every woman

Wearing erotic underwear requires certain conditions, including good figure curves, confidence, and courage.Therefore, it is not suitable for every woman to wear sexy underwear.If women themselves feel unconfident or inappropriate, they should consider when choosing underwear.


In short, sexy underwear is a sexy underwear that can add some fun and fun to increase women’s self -confidence and sense of charm.However, we must carefully consider wearing occasions, choose the style and size that suits you, and maintain confidence to show your most beautiful side.