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Introduction: Gentle and sexy coexist

Modern young women have more and more demand for sexy underwear. They not only need the beauty of underwear, but also the sexy and functional of underwear.A good erotic underwear should be gentle and sexy coexisting, bringing them confidence and happiness.In this article, we will tell some popular sexy underwear types and their characteristics, hoping to help everyone.

Model 1: Lace Drain Set

Lace bras suits are one of the most popular sexy underwear at present.It is usually composed of lace bra and lace panties. The material is soft and breathable, and the comfort is high.At the same time, lace’s perspective effect adds a bit of mystery and sexy to women.

Model 2: Open gear jacket

The open -stall jacket is a whole body jacket, the biggest feature is the open crotch.It often uses soft fabrics such as satin and silk, with high comfort and touch. At the same time, it is also a sexy and teasing sexy underwear.

Model 3: Perspective style underwear

Performing style underwear is a sexy underwear made of transparent fabrics, which can show the curve of women’s bodies and improve sexuality.There are many types of see -through -style underwear, including lace perspective underwear, mesh underwear, transparent lace underwear, etc.

Model 4: Interesting stockings

Sex stockings are sexy underwear that can show women’s leg curves and increase women’s sexy.It can be paired with fine heels or boots to make women’s leg lines more perfect.

Model 5: bellyband underwear

The belly pocket underwear is a kind of sexy underwear connected to the small triangular cloth of the upper body with the thin strip cloth of the lower body. The biggest feature is to expose the navel.The bellyband is a relatively special sexy underwear. You can wear free and sexy, but you need to pay attention to choosing the right occasion and matching.

Model 6: Stockings Set

Stockings suits are usually composed of sexy underwear and stockings, which perfectly shows female body curves and leg lines.Different styles and colors can adapt to different occasions and moods, and it is also a good choice for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Model Seven: Tight Vest Set

The tight vest set is a kind of sexy underwear composed of tight tops and shorts of lower body, which significantly shows the curve of women’s figure.It is highly comfortable and suitable for many occasions, which is also a good choice for women to increase confidence and sexy.

Model eight: sexy pajamas

Interest pajamas are a kind of sexy underwear that can be worn in the bedroom. It is usually mainly soft fabric and has a high comfort.It is usually matched with stockings or high heels, which is a powerful tool for rich sex.

Summary: Interesting underwear demand increases

Modern women’s demand for sexy underwear has increased year by year because sexy underwear is not only a sexy and teasing tool, but also a key factor in increasing self -confidence and happiness.At the same time, the sexy underwear market has become more diversified and enhances women’s free choice.