You can wear sexy underwear pictures when you get married

1 Introduction

Marriage is a big event in life, and every girl hopes to become the most beautiful bride at the wedding.In addition to remarkable wedding dresses, sexy underwear is also a amazing way.However, many people are hesitant and confused about getting married in sexy underwear.In this article, we will discuss how to get married in sexy lingerie.

2. What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is designed to increase the sexy atmosphere.Its style is different from ordinary underwear, and it is usually designed with leaks, hollow, transparent, or teasing.The main function of sexy underwear is to add some romance, flirting and passion to couples.

3. Is it good to get married and wear sexy underwear?

Marriage and sexy underwear depends on personal preferences.If you like this style, you can put on a sexy underwear to show yourself better.Wearing a sexy underwear can make the bride more confident and sexy, so as to better show his feminine charm.

4. What should I consider?

If you decide to wear a fun underwear, there are several aspects that need to be considered.The first is the match between wedding and sexy underwear.You need to ensure that the colors and styles between the wedding and sexy underwear can coordinate each other, and there must be no cases that are not paid, eye -catching or conflict.

5. Choose the right model and style

It is important to choose a model and style suitable for your body.An underwear can only test whether it is suitable for you after putting it on.Pay attention to the size of the underwear and whether it is suitable for your body and habits.

6. Don’t be too exposed

Wearing a sexy underwear can of course show personal characteristics, but don’t be too exposed.Sexy and exposure at the wedding are completely different concepts.You can choose a hollow or transparent design, but you must pay attention to the size.

7. Suitable occasions

If you have decided to get married in sexy underwear, then you need to ensure that it is suitable for wedding occasions.Pay attention to choosing suitable occasions and themes, and the opinions of the wedding agency also need to be considered.Don’t forget that your groom also needs to consider whether he wants you to wear sexy underwear on such important occasions.

8. Last suggestion

Marriage is an important step in life.Every girl wants to be beautiful at their wedding.If you think wearing a sexy underwear can achieve your goal, then don’t hesitate.However, remember to respect the rules of weddings and wedding agencies, and at the same time listen to the groom’s ideas.The most important thing is to maintain self -confidence and smile to show your unique charm.


Marriage in sexy underwear is a personal preference and choice. Pay attention to matching, size and occasions.The most important thing is to show your unique charm in a self -confidence and pleasure atmosphere.