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In the past, sexy underwear has been regarded as a kind of private sex enjoyment, but modern women are more and more like to wear sexy underwear in daily life.In fact, in our daily lives, wearing sexy underwear can not only improve our self -confidence, but also highlight our figure and charm. Therefore, choosing suitable sexy underwear is very important for beauty and health.In this article, we will explore sexy underwear that can be worn everyday and how to choose the right underwear.

Daily comfortable underwear

Selecting daily sexy underwear needs to consider comfort and the right degree of wear.First of all, we can choose a cotton or steel -free underwear, which can ensure the air circulation and comfort, and it is more suitable for daily wear, allowing you to relax and relax.In addition, choosing comfortable sexy underwear is also very important. For example, a small amount of elastic underwear or bracelet bra, which is both fashionable and breathable.

Sexy underwear

Daily sexy underwear is also very popular with women.You can choose underwear with a more perspective and decorative decoration with a certain amount of lace and silk.For example, bras with lace decoration and embroidered underwear can enhance your charm and sexy.

No marine underwear

Warling underwear can play a better cover when wearing, and avoid being too prominent in the underwear when wearing pants or skirts.Therefore, they can also be worn on daily occasions.It is also one of the categories of sexy underwear. For example, choosing a shoulder -shaped bra and G -string underwear can reduce the traces of exposed.


If you want to be more slim and beautiful, and at the same time, you need to keep comfortable, then the body -shaping underwear can perfectly meet your needs.Putting on bodywear can help you tighten your waist and abdomen while improving your self -confidence.In addition, bodywear also helps improve sitting and standing positions, thereby protecting your spine.


The bras are an important part of each female underwear.When wearing, you should choose the bras suitable for your body to ensure comfort and health.If you want to choose the right bra, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Make sure the size and texture of the bras of the bra

2. The length of the shoulder strap and hook needs to be appropriate

3. Avoid excessive squeezing or tightening the chest


Choosing a suitable underwear to prevent the discomfort and unhealthy situation brought by hiding.Choosing a breathable and soft underwear can take good care of your private parts and make you feel comfortable.At the same time, choosing underwear that is suitable for your own size and texture can avoid discomfort such as infection, redness or itching.

Seasonal underwear

With the replacement of the seasons, it is also important to choose underwear suitable for seasons.In summer, we can choose underwear with better air -breathable fabrics, and in winter, underwear with excellent warmth performance is a better choice.In addition, in the spring and autumn seasons, choosing the appropriate sleeve and neckline can also make you feel comfortable in different weather.

Knitted underwear

Knitwear underwear is a natural and non -irritating comfortable underwear. It has good softness and breathability, and it is not easy to cause allergic reactions.Therefore, choosing knitted underwear is also a good choice.

Method of cleaning underwear correctly

No matter which type of sexy underwear is selected, it is necessary to clean and maintain properly.The correct method of cleaning can make the underwear more durable and more healthy and comfortable to wear.

in conclusion

In short, in the process of selecting sexy underwear, you need to consider your own preferences and needs, and also consider its material and comfort.Choose a sexy underwear that suits you and maintain them appropriately to make you confident, beautiful, healthy and comfortable.

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