Yang Mi wearing a photos of sexy underwear

Yang Mi wears a sexy lingerie and quotes heated discussion

Recently, a group of photos of Yang Mi wearing fun underwear spread on the Internet, which has attracted the attention and heated attention of many netizens.What is the special of this group of photos, so that people are so enthusiastic?Let’s discuss it together.

The development of sexy underwear

Due to its popular sexy designs around the world, sexy underwear has become a fashion trend in the public’s field of vision.In the course of its development, erotic underwear has also undergone the development of simple and functional underwear to more high -end luxury, and at the same time, it has also greatly improved and changed in terms of materials and styles.

Yang Mi ’s new attempt to wear sexy underwear

As a well -known actress, Yang Mi showed her new shape in the photos of wearing sex underwear.The style, shape, and design of this group of photos have not been before before, so that people’s awareness of sexy underwear has further expanded and improved.

Design elements of sexy underwear

The most important difference between sexy underwear and ordinary underwear is its design elements.It can be three -dimensional, pattern, fluffy, and silicone. It can also be designed with different tailoring according to different situations, making women more sexy.The addition of these design elements will bring more new choices to women in the future.

Size and material of sex underwear

In addition to the importance of design style, sexy underwear sizes and materials are also the most concerned on female friends.Sexy underwear usually uses noble fabrics such as wool, silk, lace and other textures, and it is often made of high -grade imported materials. This is one of the reasons why its price is always so high.

Skills of sexy underwear

Wearing sexy underwear should not be too wanton, correct matching skills can show its unique charm.Women need to choose those who match their own body shape, reasonable colors, and close texture, and put them out of elegance and sexy in the most appropriate way.

Night maintenance of sexy underwear

When maintaining sexy underwear, it is recommended not to use ordinary laundry solution, because it will make sexy underwear lose its unique luster.You can use professional erotic underwear cleaning solution, and choose the cleaning method according to the different sex lingerie fabrics.

Falling underwear brand recommendation

Among the many brands, some sexy underwear with good texture and detailed workmanship is recommended.For example, Victoria’s Secret, Blue Flower FLD, Je M’appelle and other brands often use high -grade fabrics and exquisite craftsmanship, so they are loved by many fashionable women.

How should I choose sexy underwear?

Finally, the choice of sexy underwear mainly depends on the actual needs and experience of the buyer’s own.However, when choosing, you can consider brand, price, material and other issues.The most important thing is that in terms of size, you must choose to match your body in order to show the sexy characteristics of sexy underwear.


In short, sexy underwear, as a form of modern women’s fashion, is loved by more and more women.With Yang Mi’s appearance, let’s experience the softness and sexy of sexy underwear together, and experience the best side of human nature.

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