Xuan Mo Baby wears a sexy underwear

Xuan Mo’s sexy underwear choice

Xuan Mo Baby is a plane model, shooting too many personality erotic lingerie advertisements.Therefore, in her wardrobe, you can always find various styles and colors of sexy underwear.Below, let’s take a look at the experience sharing of Xuan Mo’s baby’s wearing sexy underwear:

Black lace sexy underwear

Black lace sexy underwear is a classic choice, and Xuan Mo’s most often wears this.Black lace makes people feel mysterious, sexy, and not too exaggerated. The sexy underwear with good details looks high -level and comfortable.

Red lace sexy underwear

Red lace sexy underwear is enthusiastic and can instantly improve the atmosphere, but it is not suitable for everyone.Baby Xuan Mo suggested that before buying, carefully consider personal style and skin color, and don’t follow the trend blindly.

Half -cup cup of sexy sheet

Half -cups of sexy underwear can perfectly show the upper body curve, and it can be easily worn with a coat to become a part of the daily wardrobe. It is very practical to play a variety of wear effects.

Lace sex dress

Lace erotic dress is a necessary choice for entertainment.It is paired with high heels to make the whole person look elegant and sexy.However, it should be noted that trying to avoid too huge wrinkles and excessive decorations, so as not to bring the illusion of "botox".

Stockings -style sexy underwear

Stockings -style erotic underwear vests, socks and bras are integrated into one, which is light and comfortable to wear.This sexy underwear is generally suitable for girls with well -sized body, especially girls with long legs.Stockings -style sexy underwear is best paired with black high -heeled shoes, the whole person looks more sexy.

Sexy matching skills

Baby Xuan Mo said that when mating with sexy underwear, pay attention to the matching of color and style.For example, black underwear can be matched with red, green, gold, etc.; half cups of underwear can be matched with suspenders, vests, sweater, etc.In addition, choose the appropriate sexy underwear based on your body shape and temperament, so that it is thin and sexy.

Precautions for buying sexy underwear

The precautions for purchasing sexy underwear include size, texture, process, etc.First of all, you must understand your body size, because sexy underwear is often tighter, and the size is too large or too small.When selecting the texture, see if it is breathable and comfortable; the process should see if it is finely arranged, comfortable and fit the body.

How to maintain sexy underwear

The maintenance of sexy underwear is very important. Generally, it needs to be washed and dry separately.Xuan Mo Baby recommends that using neutral detergents during washing to avoid using bleach and rubber bands.In addition, with her own experience, it is recommended to buy sexy underwear with good texture, not easy to fade, and easy to clean.

What kind of sexy underwear should be selected in different occasions

Different erotic underwear should be selected in different occasions.For example, in business occasions, you can choose low -key and high -end black and white sexy underwear; at dating, you can choose red, pink and other sexy lingerie with heterosexual attractiveness to show your charm; while when you travel at home or everyday,You can choose a comfortable style and a thicker texture underwear.

The charm of sexy underwear

Through details, sexy underwear can highlight the advantages of women’s figure, increase the charm of women, and will not be too exposed.The right sexy lingerie can complement the skin and color, making the shape look more perfect and slender.

in conclusion

Wearing erotic underwear helps to enhance women’s self -confidence and charm, but pay attention to the matching of color and style, choose styles that are suitable for your temperament and figure, and carefully master the maintenance method of sexy underwear.In addition, women should have self -confidence and aura when wearing fun underwear, so that they are generous and charming.

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