Xiaohuang Book Fun Underwear Video Download

Xiaohuang Book Fun Underwear Video Download

With the development of modern society, sexy underwear has become synonymous with fashion and sexy.Before buying sexy underwear, many people will first buy videos to buy a style that suits them.Xiaohuangshu is a short video platform based on erotic content. There are a lot of sexy underwear videos here. This article will introduce how to load sexy underwear videos on Xiaohuangshu.

The first step, download the Xiahuangshu APP

If you have not downloaded the Koba Book APP, then you need to search for the Xiaolongshu in the application store (such as Apple Stores, Android Markets), download and install the next step.

Step 2, search for sexy underwear videos

In the small yellow book homepage, you can refresh the pages by dropping down or sliding up and down, see the recommended video, or enter keywords through search boxes to search for the erotic underwear video you want to see.

Step 3, select video

After finding the sexy underwear video you want to download, click to enter the video playback page, watch the video, and long press the "download" button on the video interface.

The fourth step, select download video quality

After long pressing the "Download" button, the option box for downloading video will pop up. You can choose the quality of downloading the video here, generally including options such as standard clearing, high -definition, and super clearing.After selecting, click to download to download the selected video.

Step 5, check the download status in the download management

After downloading the video, you can view the download progress and download status of the video in the download management of the little Huangshu APP.This function is usually found in the "My" or "Settings" of the APP.

Step 6, view the downloaded video in the mobile phone album

When the video is downloaded, it will be stored in your mobile phone album, and you can view the downloaded sexy underwear videos through the album.

Step 7, back up your download video

In order to save your favorite sexy underwear videos for a long time, you need to back up them into the cloud or other storage devices. Before backup, please make sure your storage space is sufficient.

Step 8, share your preferences

Downloading and collecting your favorite sexy underwear videos is a very fun thing. You can share your collection and like social media to let more people know your taste and mind.


It is very simple to download the fun underwear video in Xiaohuangshu. You only need to download the Koba Book APP, search and select the video you want to download, press the download button and select the download quality, you can easily download it.In addition, you can also save your favorite videos by backup and sharing.

Of course, downloading videos need to follow laws and regulations, and do not infringe piracy.At the same time, when enjoying beautiful sexy underwear videos, you should also pay attention to a positive and healthy mentality and behavior.

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