World Famous Model Permanent Funny Underwear Show

World Famous Model Permanent Funny Underwear Show

As a popular underwear style, sexy underwear has always been sought after.And transparent sexy underwear is one of the special styles, which not only shows the graceful figure of women, but also stimulates the visual stimulus of men.Recently, the transparent erotic underwear show jointly organized by the world -famous model has attracted the attention of many audiences. The following will introduce the wonderful content of this feast.

Japanese -style transparent sexy underwear

On the show, Japanese transparent sexy underwear first appeared.The characteristic of this underwear is to use a variety of transparent fabrics, with complex detail design, and putting on such underwear to show sexy temperament and elegant taste.

European -style transparent sexy underwear

Next is European transparent sexy underwear.Compared with Japanese -style transparent sexy underwear, European transparent sexy underwear pays more attention to details.Elements such as delicate lace, embroidery, and pearls can be seen that wearing such underwear seems to be in the era of court nobles.

American transparent erotic sheet

American transparent erotic underwear pays more attention to the modification and carving of the lines.The tight design and smooth lines make the body curve more plump and elastic.In addition, the color matching is more bright and bold, with a clear personality.

Asian transparent sexy underwear

Asian transparent sexy underwear pays more attention to the display of details. It often uses delicate texture of fabrics, or cleverly integrates detail elements such as lace and embroidery into the design.This transparent erotic underwear shows a fresh and delicate temperament.

Transparent bellyband -style sexy underwear

In addition to the traditional transparent underwear style, the bellyband -style transparent sexy underwear has also been displayed on this show.The design style of the bellyband -type underwear is very unique, which not only shows the sexy charm of women, but also has a visual impact that is completely different from other styles.

Transparent network sexy underwear

Transparent network sexy underwear is also a major feature of this display.This style of underwear uses a transparent mesh fabric, which can show the figure.And you can also use other underwear or coats to create more matching methods.

Transparent lace sexy dress

As one of the mainstream styles of transparent sexy underwear, transparent lace sexy underwear also appeared in this display.The design of this underwear is simple and gorgeous, soft materials and exquisite details, showing a noble and elegant temperament.

Transparent silk sexy underwear

Transparent silk sexy underwear gives a light and soft feeling. Generally, pure natural silk fabrics are very comfortable to wear.And it can also show the graceful posture of women, which is fascinating.

Transparent body -shaped sexy underwear

The last thing to introduce is transparent body -shaped and sexy underwear.This underwear can not only show the sexy body of women, but also play a role in modifying the shape.Most transparent body -shaped sexy underwear is made of high -quality fiber fabrics, which is comfortable and elastic.


In this world -famous sexy underwear show, we have seen a variety of transparent sexy underwear with different styles.Whether it is Japanese, European, American, Asian, or various styles such as transparent silk, transparent mesh, transparent lace, etc., it can show women’s elegant temperament and sexy charm.No matter which style you like, you can choose a sexy underwear that suits you according to your preference.I believe this feast also provides everyone with a very good source of inspiration.

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