Women’s sex lingerie tie


As global women’s requirements for personal expression and freedom are getting higher and higher, sexy underwear has become their first choice. As a variant of women’s underwear, sexy underwear has successfully got rid of monotonous and boring.There are many types of sexy underwear provided on the market now, and the collar sex underwear is very popular with women.Next, we will deeply explore the various types and usage methods of women’s sexy lingerie.

Type 1: Foreer -collar tie -style sexy underwear

The collar of the front -tier tie -type erotic underwear is often presented in the form of tie front.The tie selected by this sexy underwear can be a single or a variety of bands, which can meet the needs of different women.The size of the tie and the selected color reflect women’s character.

Type 2: Post -tiered tie -style sexy underwear

The neckline design of the back -tie tie -type sexy underwear is unique, and this method is often used in vest sexy underwear.Because the tie is placed on the chest, it is more prominent and colorful.Many women choose this tie because they feel creative and unique.

Type three: strap tie sexy underwear

Tie -type tie sexy underwear represents a strong pursuit of women’s personality. This tie extends from the shoulders to the chest in turn, and it looks like a simple tight belt when wearing it.You will find its magic: it can not only set off the sexy of the female chest, and at the same time, it can make the entire body line of women more harmonious.

Type 4: Kessing tie sexy underwear

Holding tie sexy underwear is very suitable for women who pursue sexy and comfortable.This tie is usually made of elastic transparent fabric, which is an extremely comfortable feeling.

Type 5: There is no simple tie -style sexy underwear

If you like completely free sexy underwear, then there is no simple tie -style sexy underwear is the best choice. There is no additional decoration or detail, but to achieve sexy effects through color and material choices.

Type 6: Net -shaped tie -style sexy underwear

The mesh tie -type sexy underwear uses transparent and translucent materials to design a beautiful mesh tie pattern. This tie type is extremely sexy and fully shows the curve of the female body. It is an ideal choice for further eroticism at night.

Type 7: High -neck tie sexy underwear

The high -necked tie sexy underwear is very popular with young people and independent women. This type of erotic underwear hangs tie ties tightly on the neck. Due to the tie of the tie, the chest is prominent, the waist is appeared, and it is very sexy.

Type 8: Retro tie sexy underwear

The tie of the retro tie sexy underwear is very different from his sexy underwear.Unlike tedious decoration, retro style emphasizes the unity of fashion and sexy.The design of the retro tie perfectly interprets the wonderful combination of women’s fashion and sexy.


No matter what kind of tie -style sexy underwear you choose, use skills are very important.First, choose a tie suitable for you to ensure that it has a size and shape that suits you.Secondly, when using the collar sex underwear independently, try to avoid color confusion, which will make women feel dull.Finally, when choosing to collar sex underwear, please pay attention to whether the material of the sexy underwear conforms to your skin.

in conclusion

Tie erotic underwear has become a representative of women’s fashion and sexy today. It not only leads women’s fashion and style with its diversity and style, but also represents women’s pursuit of more freedom and relaxation.Whether you are bold, unique or gentle, you can find a style that suits you in the collar sexy underwear.

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