Women’s big guys’ sexy underwear video watch online


Interest underwear is a special underwear, which takes care of sexy and comfort.Many women are keen to try a variety of different sexy underwear to increase their sexual charm.As a women’s lady, I am very familiar with the relevant knowledge of sexy underwear, and I found that watching sexy underwear videos online is a very good way to master sexy underwear and wearing skills.Today, I will share some videos I watched with you and share some experience and skills I have.

Video 1: How to choose the size

In this video, underwear experts show us how to correctly choose the size to ensure comfort and beauty.They emphasized that the personal and design requirements of sexy underwear make the size particularly important.It is recommended that women measure and choose the size according to the measurement standard to ensure that sexy lingerie makes them feel confident and sexy.In addition, underwear experts also recommend women to consider their own shape types to choose suitable sexy underwear, such as bra, low -waist underwear or lace tights.

Video 2: How to match sex underwear

In this video, the model shows us how to match different styles of sexy underwear.They introduced how to consider style, color, and bras, and choose the appropriate matching, including underwear, socks and shoes.Underwear experts also shared how to consider their clothing style and personal hobbies when choosing sexy underwear.

Video 3: The sexy effect brought by different materials of underwear materials

In this video, underwear experts introduce the characteristics and nature of various sexy underwear manufacturing materials.They focused on the sexy effects of common materials such as lace, silk and leather, and put attention to how these materials feel, breathing and movement.In addition, experts also share how to distinguish the real silk, leather and lace materials, as well as how to ensure the quality of sexy underwear.

Video 4: The color of the underwear

In this video, underwear experts focus on color choices.They introduced different emotions and properties transmitted by different colors of sexy underwear, such as red passion, purple mystery and black sexy.They also shared their experience and skills on how to choose colors.

Video 5: How to wear suits and accessories

In this video, the model shows us how to match the suit and accessories with the sexy underwear.They shared how to choose appropriate accessories, such as handcuffs, straps and lace veils, and how to give full play to their sexy charm.

Video 6: How to take care of sexy underwear

In this video, underwear experts introduced us how to take care of sexy underwear correctly to ensure that they are beautiful and durable.They recommend hand washing or using mild washing equipment to avoid drying and using special cleaner and maintenance agents to keep underwear fresh.

Video 7: Sending underwear wearing skills in different occasions

In this video, underwear experts share the skills of how to wear sex underwear on different occasions.They introduced how to match underwear to formal social occasions and sexy romantic nights, and which clothing styles and ways should be avoided.

Video 8: DIY of sexy underwear

In this video, underwear experts share how to DIY their sexy underwear, making them more suitable for their figure and personal style.They introduced some simple technology and materials, as well as how to customize and design their own sexy underwear.


Through these videos, we can see the types and wearing skills of sexy underwear.Choosing the right sexy underwear and matching methods can increase women’s confidence and sexual charm.At the same time, correct care and maintenance can ensure the durability of sexy underwear.The most important thing is that each woman should wear their favorite sexy underwear confidently and to show their sexy charm in the best way.

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