Women with sexy underwear

It is very important to understand women’s body size

Sex underwear is usually used to increase the sexy and attractiveness of women in the process of sex, but if you choose inappropriate size, they may have anti -effects.Therefore, it is important to understand the size of women’s bodies.Manually measure the shoulder width, bust, waist, and hips, and then compare with the size table provided by the manufacturer to ensure that you choose ideal underwear suitable for your body.

Different types of sexy underwear have different effects

People usually think that there are only one type of sexy underwear, but in fact there are many kinds of sexy underwear.The design of some sexy underwear makes women look younger and innocent, and some make women look more mature and sexy.Understanding the effect of this different type of sexy underwear can help you choose the most suitable style for you and let you show the most tempting side in sex activities.

Comfort and sexy balance is important

The design of sexy underwear focuses on visual effects, but their comfort cannot be ignored.Do not sacrifice comfort for sexy.If you wear uncomfortable erotic underwear, you may be distracted during sex, affecting your experience of your and your partner.When choosing a sexy underwear, make sure it has both sexy effects and will not affect your comfort.

Materials have a vital effect on comfort and sexuality

Interest underwear is made of many different materials, such as lace, silk, crystal yarn, leather, and so on.Each material has different effects, some materials may be more sexy, while certain materials may be more comfortable.Finding the materials that suits you can take into account both needs.

The color is more to highlight the temperament of women

The color of sexy underwear ranges from black and red to pink and white.Your personal taste and situation will determine your color choice.However, the color is not just to catch people’s attention.Each color also conveys different emotions and atmospheres, making women more attractive and temperament when wearing sexy underwear.

Suitable for underwear style of different body shapes

Interest underwear also has a variety of different styles, suitable for a variety of different body shapes.For example, for large breasts, choosing bras with innerto can better support the breasts and make them more confident and comfortable.For short children, choosing navel jumpsuits can increase their sense of height without making people feel that Xiaojiabiyu.

Understand your personality and body line

Each woman has her own unique personality and body lines.It is very important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you, because they are sexy by -products that can better show the charm of women.If you have a sexy chest, choose the right bra for the bras; if your butt is full, please choose the appropriate style of underwear.Therefore, knowing your personality and body lines will better help you choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

Applicable occasions of sexy underwear

The scope of the use of sexy underwear is not limited to sex activities on the bed. In various occasions such as parties, gyms, swimming pools, etc., you can wear erotic underwear to show your charm and sexy.However, considering the applicability of sexy underwear, we must respect the occasions and crowd when wearing sex underwear, so as not to have unnecessary embarrassment and misunderstandings.

It is very necessary to replace the sexy underwear regularly

Because sexy underwear is usually used with less fabrics and details, they may be more easily worn and damaged than ordinary underwear.Therefore, it is necessary to replace sex underwear regularly to ensure their quality and effect.More importantly, buying new sexy underwear for yourself can also improve the freshness and excitement of sex.

in conclusion

The choice of women’s underwear should focus on both the appearance and comfort.When choosing, consider your own size, material, color, body lines, personality and occasions, in order to choose the sexy underwear that suits you best, show your most confident and beautiful side.

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