Women think that her husband has no interesting underwear

Women think that her husband has no interesting underwear

Paragraph 1: The meaning of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a kind of equipment playing in bed, which can bring sexy, excitement and surprise.For those who are full of expectations for sex, sexy underwear is definitely a must -have.Whether it is the seasoning of husband and wife life or to create exclusive confidence for single women, sexy underwear has its irreplaceable significance.

Paragraph 2: Why does my husband do not have fun underwear

Sex underwear is very attractive for women, but it is not necessarily the same for men.Many men can’t understand the meaning of affectionate underwear, or they think they are too enchanting. It seems that playing in bed is as disconnected from a real life as a role -playing.Some men also feel that the styles and colors of sexy underwear are very similar, and they are not worthy of distinguishing.

Paragraph 3: Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

It is very important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.Different figures and character should have corresponding underwear styles and colors.For example, choosing black underwear can highlight the charm and temperament of women, while red underwear is more irritating.Whether to choose transparent underwear also needs to consider whether it is matched with your own style.

Paragraph 4: Let my husband appreciate sexy underwear

Sometimes the sexy underwear selected by women may not be able to be appreciated by her husband completely.If you want your husband to appreciate sexy underwear, you can see them as a subsidiary to play.You can let your husband help open the buckle or take pictures around, these can make the husband better appreciate and feel the beauty and sexy of the sexy underwear.

Paragraph 5: Choose love underwear with your husband

In some cases, her husband does not know how to appreciate sexy underwear, so women can invite her husband to choose love lingerie together.Through communication and guidance of each other, you can better choose a sexy underwear that suits you and her husband.In this way, her husband can also increase the understanding and appreciation of sexy underwear because of participation.

Paragraph 6: Don’t force your husband

For those who don’t like sexy underwear very much, forcing them to wear may not be a good idea.Interest underwear should be a pleasant and relaxed experience, not people feel uncomfortable or uncomfortable.If your husband really doesn’t like sexy underwear, you may wish to ask his thoughts and try to understand his expectations and needs for the life of husband and wife.

Paragraph 7: The maintenance and storage of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a relatively special clothing that needs to be kept clean and hygienic.When wearing and cleaning, it should be made in accordance with the labels of the underwear.When storing, you also need to pay attention to moisture, mildew and insects.If you often wear sexy underwear, you can prepare a few pieces at the same time in order to use and clean.

Paragraph 8: The price of sexy underwear

The price of sexy underwear can be very different, ranging from tens of yuan to hundreds of thousands of dollars.The price does not necessarily determine the quality and style, so you can decide the price range of the purchase according to your actual needs.

Paragraph 9: Selection of sexy underwear

You can buy sexy underwear online or offline.Buying online can save the trouble and embarrassment of going out, and at the same time, you can also choose more, new and new sexy lingerie styles and styles.Offline purchases can better understand the size and texture, and it is easier to find sexy underwear that meets your figure.

Paragraph 10: In short, "interest" is interactive

Interest underwear is not a thing that can be done unilaterally, and needs to help and understand each other.The most important thing is that only the good interaction and trust between husband and wife can better realize the beauty and value of sexy underwear in life.

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