Women do not want to wear sexy underwear

Women do not want to wear sexy underwear

With the continuous development of the sex products industry and the continuous promotion of market advertisements, women’s sexy underwear has gradually attracted more and more attention.However, some women said they did not want to wear sexy underwear.What should we think about this phenomenon?The following is the reason why women do not want to wear sexy underwear.

1. Don’t like design that is too exposed

Some women think that the design of sexy underwear is too exposed, and fear that wearing it will affect their image.After all, most women still want to appear elegant, decent, instead of exposure and vulgarity.

2. I feel uncomfortable with sexy underwear

Some sexy underwear design is more complicated and less comfortable to wear.For some women who focus on comfort, this design underwear is obviously not suitable.

3. Don’t want to go to show off the route

Some women feel that the sexy underwear is too exaggerated, and they don’t want to show off their figure in this way.They believe that self -confident women do not need to attract others by wearing.

4. People around you may not accept

Even though some women like the design of sexy underwear, they may not dare to try because of the views of the people around.After all, in the eyes of some people, women wearing sexy underwear may be considered vulgar and unqualified.

5. It feels not suitable for yourself

Women’s body and temperament are very different. Some women feel that wearing erotic underwear is not suitable for themselves, so they don’t want to try.

6. The price is high

The sexy underwear is unique, the material is also more exquisite, and the price is usually much more expensive than ordinary underwear.This is naturally a very big problem for some women who do not want to spend too much money.

7. I feel that the sexy underwear is not practical

Interest underwear can increase interest, but for some women who pursue actual value, sexy underwear may not seem practical.

8. Insufficient self -confidence

Some women are unconfident because of their own figure or temperament, thinking that wearing sexy underwear will expose their shortcomings, which is one of the reasons why they don’t want to wear fun underwear.

The above is the main reason why women do not want to wear sexy underwear.Of course, many women like to wear sexy underwear very much, which is related to personal aesthetics, values and other factors.In any case, we should respect everyone’s choice, and do not blame each other because of different aesthetic orientations.

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