Women are forced to wear sexy underwear

Why is there a woman forced to wear sexy underwear?

Many women wear sexy erotic underwear like gatherings, parties, bars, etc., so that men’s sight stays more on themselves, and deepen the intimacy between the two.However, in some workplace, women are required to improve their image and wear sexy sexy underwear, which does not seem to exist in a gender -equal society.

What is the reason why women in the company are forced to wear sex underwear?

Some companies believe that women wearing sexy underwear will bring better performance to the company, which is quite common in the workplace.The company gives women’s material rewards, such as salary and bonuses, in exchange for women to wear more sexy erotic underwear in work occasions.

Is it legal for women to wear sexy underwear?

In most countries, this behavior is illegal and is in line with the definition of anti -sexual harassment law.However, in real life, many women in the workplace are afraid of losing their jobs and livelihoods. When they are asked to wear sexy sexy underwear, they hesitate to weigh on their careers and livelihoods.

Should women wear more exposed erotic underwear or less?

Women’s wearing more sexy underwear can make their bodies show, and for sexy women, they can increase their attractiveness to men.However, in the workplace, if you wear too sexy, it will cause bad eyes and exposed sexual harassment. At this time, Shao Lu’s sexy underwear is more suitable.

What kind of sexy underwear is the most popular?

What kind of sexy underwear is related to personal taste and personality.However, many men prefer flesh and black sexy underwear. This color makes women look more sexy and charming.In addition, there are some erotic underwear with plaid, pattern, transparency and other designs, and those sexy underwear with red and white design often become the favorite of men.

How should women fight this abnormal requirement?

Women should take measures to counterattack in time for such illegal acts.They can seek legal aid and retain relevant evidence in order to appear in the case to prove that they have been forced to wear sexy underwear.At the same time, you can also complain or apply for a post -post, but this also requires courage and determination.

How can we get equal treatment in the workplace?

Women should stand up bravely and tell the world that unacceptable workplace discrimination.At the same time, the government should issue more complete labor regulations and combat gender discrimination laws to protect women with equal treatment in the workplace.In addition, the public should pay more attention to the rights and interests of women, support the rights of women, and use the power of the masses to promote social change.

Why shouldn’t women be forced to wear sexy underwear?

In today’s progress, men and women should enjoy an equal opportunity and treatment. In the workplace, women should not be forced to wear sexy sexy underwear to improve their image.Women should be respected because of their wisdom and abilities, not because of their appearance and dressing.We should treat every workplace woman with respect, equality, and justice.

Camping the gender discrimination in the workplace, we work together!

Gender discrimination in the workplace still exists, and we need to work together to change this situation.We should treat every woman with an attitude of equality, justice, respect, and care.Only in this way will our world become better.

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