Wife is suitable for wearing that kind of sexy underwear

What kind of sexy underwear is suitable for wives?

As a clothing that reflects female charm and sexy, sexy underwear is a popular fashion item in recent years.But among many styles and brands, as a man, you may not know how to choose a sexy underwear that is suitable for your wife.This article will introduce what kind of sexy underwear is suitable for your wife to wear, and provide you with some selection skills and methods.

1. What are the sexy underwear for small breasts?

If your wife is a small breast, you can choose some styles with lace or sequins when choosing a sexy underwear, which can increase some visual effects and better highlight her body advantage.In addition, you can also choose some sexy underwear with pads and push-up design, which can perfectly show her figure curve.

2. What sexy underwear is selected in the big breast type?

For women with large breasts, pay attention to the design of no steel ring and wide shoulder straps when choosing sexy underwear, so as to better protect their chest health.In terms of style, you can choose some simple solid or large -scale erotic lingerie, which can play a role in the chest, and it can also give people a sexy and elegant feeling.

3. What sexy underwear is selected?

If your wife is hip -up, you can choose some styles with lace or transparent mesh when choosing a sexy underwear, which can better show her hip charm.In addition, you can also choose some erotic underwear with T -shaped or deodorant pants, which can better set off her personality charm.

4. What are the sexy lingerie in flat hip type?

For women with flat hips, when choosing sexy underwear, you can choose some styles with pads and waist design, which can play a role in holding up the hips.In terms of style, you can also choose some sexy underwear with alien stitching or printing pattern, which can better increase the visual effect.

5. Skills of selecting colors

When choosing a sexy underwear color, you can accurately match according to the skin color of his wife.The dark color is suitable for fair skin, light -colored suitable for women with darker skin tone, and pink is suitable for women with soft temperament.In addition, you need to match it according to different occasions when selecting the color. For family night pajamas, you can choose some bright colors, and when you go out, you must choose a deep tone.

6. The correct size

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must master the correct size, so as to better ensure the comfort and aesthetics of your wife wearing.You can choose the correct size by tailor -made or check the model label.

7. Brand selection

When choosing a sexy underwear brand, you need to choose based on your own consumption level and his wife’s preference. You can choose a well -known brand or niche brand.Choose some brands with physical stores as much as possible, so as to better ensure the quality of the product and after -sales service.

8. Scenes and atmosphere

Proper adjustment needs to be made according to the occasion and atmosphere when wearing sex underwear.For ordinary home leisure atmosphere, you can choose some simple sexy styles, and for special romantic moments, you can choose more delicate and gorgeous sexy underwear.

9. Maintenance and cleaning

After wearing a fun underwear, the proper disinfection and cleaning process is needed to ensure health and cleanliness.During the cleaning and maintenance process, you need to pay attention to the consistency of the material and color, and the principles of gently washing.

10. Communication before selecting

Before choosing a sexy underwear for your wife, you need to communicate and communicate appropriately to understand the wife’s preferences and living habits. This can choose more suitable styles and brands.It should be noted that the selection of sexy underwear is to enhance the sexual interests of the two, not unilateral comparison and stimuli, and you need to let your wife truly enjoy the happiness of wearing.


The above is the content of the wife who is suitable for everyone to wear.I hope to bring happiness and surprises to my wife in home life and special moments.At the same time, we should also pay attention not to deliberately pursue formalism and comparison, and update and repair sexy underwear in a timely manner to ensure health and beauty.

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