Why is it so thin below the sexy underwear?

Why is it so detailed under the sexy underwear?

Sexy underwear has always been a representative of sexy romance, and the design of the bottom details is one of the more anticipated.In this article, we will discuss why the sexy underwear will be designed so well.

Increase the body ratio

After analysis of many brand designers, it is found that, overall, women wearing sexy underwear feel that the proportion of belly and thighs seems too much. Therefore, for this problem, they will use the design of thin waist payment to improve when they design.Body proportions.

More comfortable to wear experience

The design of the bottom thin band can make the sexy underwear more naturally blend with the body to avoid excessive tightness at the waist, and at the same time bring a more comfortable dressing experience to ensure the beauty and flexibility of the posture.

Reduce visual oppression

Compared with pants or bottom pants, the lower part of the sexy underwear is simpler. It avoids too much fabric accumulation between the thighs and hips, reducing the visual oppression, and can show more sexy and charm.

Better sex experience

The bottom -up design of the bottom, with the overall sexy shape of sexy underwear, can make women easier in the sex scene, enhance men’s visual enjoyment of women, and better achieve the purpose of meeting their own needs.

Highlight personality, creative sexy vision

The details of the bottom of the sexy underwear can make women’s personalized, sexy, romantic, fashion and other characteristics, and create a strong sexy visual effect.

Improve the discomfort when walking

The design of the bottom thin band can avoid the discomfort caused by sexy underwear when walking, and ensure the convenience and relaxation of women when wearing.At the same time, breathable fabrics are used to maintain comfort and coolness, and avoid unnecessary itching.

Make your hips more attractive

The design of the blending of the bottom and the hips at the bottom can better highlight the hip curve of women, highlight the rich beauty, thereby enhancing the sexy charm of women.

Do not affect wearing thin skirts

Because there is almost no unnecessary fabric, the design of the bottom band at the bottom makes the sexy lingerie wearing a thin skirt will not produce raised or other unnatural disposal, ensuring that women wear confidence and easily face various occasions.

Increase self -confidence and sexy degree

Although the bottom -up design of sexy underwear, although it is an invisible beauty, the seemingly small details can enhance the self -confidence and sexuality of women wearing erotic underwear, thereby showing the self -confidence and beauty of women.


Attentive designers, designed sexy underwear based on women’s body curves and aesthetic characteristics, so that women can maintain confidence, beauty and sexy when they wear.The bottom -band design at the bottom is indeed an indispensable element in the design of sexy underwear. It is both practical and beautiful, providing an important support and guarantee for women to shape the sexy charm.

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