Why do you buy a few dollars in sex underwear?

What is sexy underwear?

Sex underwear is a special underwear that can enhance sexual atmosphere and improve sex.There are many types and diverse styles, including both ordinary underwear and various toys and decorations.They usually use sexy and strange design to design emotional and physiological needs in sexual behaviors, such as enhancing sexual desires of men and women, adjusting the body curve, and improving the quality of sexual life.

Why are cheap sexy underwear?

Compared with ordinary underwear, sexy underwear pays more attention to sexy effects and irritation. Therefore, it requires higher requirements on making materials. Materials involving physical health and comfort, such as cotton, silk, lace, etc.At the same time, as a professional underwear industry, manufacturers and designers in the sexy underwear industry need to make a lot of creative design, with high production costs.However, some extremely cheap sexy underwear can still be found in the market.

Cheap erotic underwear material problem

These cheap erotic underwear usually uses cheap, wear -resistant and shrinking artificial fibers in materials. These materials cannot be satisfied even psychologically evenly.At the same time, these artificial fibers are prone to exuding harmful substances, causing hidden dangers to physical health.Therefore, we must choose the appropriate material that meets our body when wearing sexy underwear.

Design problem of cheap sex lingerie

In terms of design, good erotic underwear design needs to pay attention to coordination of styles, tailoring and use.And cheap erotic underwear often does not have these considerations.Don’t look at this sexy underwear style is very good, and at the same time improve the sexual atmosphere, but the design brings us a fast consumption experience. Once this fast -consuming sexy underwear we need to use it for a long time, we need to use it for a long time, so we need to use it for a long time.It will make us feel uncomfortable.

The health of cheap sex lingerie

Our health cannot be compromised, and cheap sexy underwear has major problems in terms of materials, quality, environmental protection and breathability.Long -term wearing these inferior underwear will cause to varying degrees of stimulation and damage to the human body, especially in the process of sex, strong friction of sexual organs may cause damage to the body’s sensitive parts.In addition, opaque materials may promote raging bacterial breeding, which affects our health.

Consumption method

When buying sexy underwear, some customers are usually attracted by cheap prices, but they do not notice some brands, materials and manufacturers’ problems.Such a large price difference is definitely derived from cost, so cheap sexy underwear usually cannot meet the needs of people’s quality and comfort.Therefore, it is recommended that consumers should combine their own financial resources when choosing to choose a sexy underwear with a guarantee of relative quality and comfort.


Needless to say the importance of the brand, the brand represents quality and reputation.If you buy big -name underwear when buying sexy underwear, there are usually some guarantee measures, which will be guaranteed to experience and quality.In addition to some big brands, some small brands also launch some underwear for their fixed customer base.These small brands will have more characteristics and highlights. Sometimes, the sexy underwear of big brands is more suitable for the inner needs we want, and the cost performance is higher than that of some big brands.

Customized needs of underwear

Because each person’s muscles and body are different, some people will have customized needs.There are more and more functions contained in sexy underwear, such as changing figure lines, enhancing sexual desires, and better satisfying emotional needs.The tolerance of these functions requires customized underwear to achieve.But custom -made sexy underwear will be relatively expensive. They have corresponding materials and have something to do with the power of the brand and customized services.

in conclusion

Interest underwear is not only auxiliary tools used to enhance sexual life. When buying, we also have a lot of attention to our needs, health and comfort.When buying sexy underwear, pay more attention to online stores, brands, functions, quality and sales, and so on.Especially for those sexy underwear that is only at low prices, we must pay more attention when choosing, do not be deceived by low prices, keep our body healthy while maintaining our body, and more suitable for ourselves.

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