Why does the sexy underwear open the crotch

Why do sex underwear open the crotch

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a unique and sexy underwear, which aims to enhance the visual and sensory experience in sex.Sex underwear is usually made of lace, mesh, leather and other materials, and cutting and design are different from ordinary underwear.

What is open crotch underwear?

Open crotch underwear, as the name implies, is a "pocket" on the crotch, which is convenient for sexual behavior.

The historical origin of open crotch underwear

The history of open crotch underwear can be traced back to the ancient Greek period. At that time, people would wear a sex underwear called "Subligaculum". They were semi -naked and half -exposed.Although the open crotch underwear could be regarded as very common at the time, it was gradually eliminated due to the changes in etiquette and moral standards.

Advantages of open crotch underwear

The most significant advantage of open crotch underwear is that it is convenient to use, and it will not cause trouble for the excessive undressing of the body and underwear.In addition, open crotch underwear can also enhance sexual experience and make sexual behavior smoother.

Types of open crotch underwear

There are many types of open crotch underwear, which can generally be divided into three types: whole body, upper body, and lower body.The whole body -style open crotch underwear is a dressed underwear. It uses high -quality materials such as lace and silk, which is suitable for more special occasions.The upper body open crotch underwear is only designed for the upper body, and the crotch part is kept open. The common styles are vest and camisole.The lower body open crotch underwear involves the lower body. The most common style is open crotch underwear and open crotch stockings.

Coordination of open crotch underwear

Open crotch underwear is usually used with other erotic supplies, such as handcuffs, mouthball, whip, and so on.Use sex products to further stimulate the sensory experience and make sex more exciting.Of course, you need to pay attention to your physical condition when using sex products, and follow the principles of safety and health.

Choice and maintenance of open crotch underwear

When choosing an open crotch underwear, pay attention to the problems of style selection, size matching.Choose the material with better texture as much as possible, wear more breathable and comfortable.Read the washing instructions carefully before use to avoid problems such as washing damage.

The popular trend of open crotch underwear

As a sexual product, open crotch underwear has two types of users: one is sex supplies enthusiasts, and they will use in daily life; the other is special professionals, such as nightclub girls, adult models, and so onEssenceAt present, open crotch underwear is more popular in the Asian market, and adult products merchants have gradually begun to introduce them into their own product lines.At the same time, open crotch underwear has also been promoted to a certain extent in the foreign market.

in conclusion

Open crotch underwear is a special sexual product. The application of its design is very limited, and there are differences in popularity.When choosing and using open crotch underwear, you need to fully consider personal needs and physical conditions, and maintain the principles of safe, healthy, and comfortable.

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