Why do men like to send sexy underwear

Why do men like to send sexy underwear?

In specific days such as Valentine’s Day, birthday or anniversary, many men like to give their girlfriends sexy underwear.This is a unique gift that can enhance the sex life between husband and wife and couples, so more and more people start accepting and like this gift. So why do men like to send sex underwear?

Pass love and romance

As a sexy, romantic, and seductive clothing, sexy underwear can perfectly express men’s love and romance.Men expressed his desire and love by sending a sexy underwear to expect to increase the emotional connection between each other.

Improve sexual interest

The appearance of sexy underwear is very beneficial to both men and women, which can increase interest and sexual interest.Especially for women, wearing erotic underwear can better show their body curve and sexy charm, so that men are more easily attracted and stimulated in sex.

Satisfy male sex fantasies

Male nature will have high fantasy for sex, and sexy underwear is one of the tools that satisfy this fantasy.The design of many sexy underwear has a certain role -playing element, such as nurses, police, etc. Some series are dedicated to satisfying various specific fantasies, so men to send erotic underwear also want to satisfy their self -fantasies.

Make women more confident

Many women may not be confident in their bodies. After wearing sexy underwear, they will increase their confidence and better show their physical curve and sexy charm.The purpose of men to send sexy underwear is to increase women’s self -confidence and beauty.

Make sex life more diversified

If sexual life becomes single and boring, it is easy to cause contradictions and discord between husband and wife and couples.And sexy underwear is to allow couples and couples to try more diversified sex games and increase sexual interests and fun.

Show the smell of male

Men like to pursue women’s feelings. Sending sexy underwear is not only to increase women’s self -confidence and sexy charm, but also show the taste of men.Sending fun underwear allows men to reflect their charm and taste, and more masculine.

As a gift for sex life

In the sexual life of some couples, in addition to being used as a clothing, sexy underwear can also become a sexual tool.Men can selectively sexy or special colors, materials, and styles of sexy underwear as gifts for sex life, making sexual life more interesting and strange, and at the same time increase the stimulus and pleasure of each other.

Increase insurance and tension

Sometimes, sexy underwear also plays an insurance role in sex.For those introverted and shy women, wearing sexy underwear can make them overcome their concerns and tension when they are sex.This is not only a sense of security that women need, but also increase the true fun of sex.

in conclusion

For men, sending sexy underwear not only means love and romance, but also a kind of respect and consideration.The existence of sexy underwear can not only increase the emotional connection between husband and wife and couples, but also enhance the fun and stimulus of sex games.Therefore, if you want to make your sex life more colorful, sexy underwear is one of the indispensable sexual tools.

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