Why do boys do not have fun underwear

Why do boys do not have fun underwear

Men’s modern culture wearing sexy underwear can be traced back to ancient times.However, over time, this culture has now been completely monopolized by women.So why do men have no interesting underwear?The answer to this question is even more complicated. To this end, this article will analyze the reason why men have no interesting underwear.

It is considered a sense of shame

Men often feel ashamed and discomfort, so they do not have the desire to wear sexy underwear.There are many aspects of this shame.On the one hand, men may not want to reveal to others to wear sexy underwear.On the other hand, men may feel that they are not suitable for wearing sexy underwear, which may be related to their own feelings, chest size and other factors.

Social pressure influence

Regardless of whether men are willing to admit, society’s expectations for men do not allow them to wear sexy underwear.Regarding sexy underwear, the media often spread some negative stereotypes, which can make men feel uncomfortable.In addition, men may be afraid of social rejection, frustration and laughed.This is also one of the important reasons why men do not wear sexy underwear.

The cultural background of men without sexy underwear

Cultural background is one of the main factors that determine why men do not have sex underwear.In the past few centuries, sexy underwear has been a exclusive field of women, and this cultural background has been inherited to modern times.Men do not have the cultural background of wearing fun underwear, so this cultural concept is difficult to be broken.

Commodity shortage and cannot meet the needs of the consumer market

Although the sexy underwear market is becoming more and more popular, this market product is almost designed for women.Therefore, sexy underwear is very different from the underwear that men usually wear.There are still such problems in the current market: too much erotic underwear only aims at the needs of the women’s market, but it does not provide factors such as design.From a business perspective, we must understand the quality of men’s sexy underwear, and the lack of necessary professional knowledge in sex underwear dealers, which also limits the market communication of men’s sex lingerie.

The concept of lack of male sex lingerie

Men’s erotic underwear has not received enough attention and publicity, which has caused men to do not know about sexy underwear.Because the male sex lingerie market has not been sufficient capital investment and publicity policies, men may not have the opportunity to understand these products.Due to the lack of relevant resources and research, men have no chance to further understand the changes in love underwear and their life.

Threat of health

Interesting underwear is designed to allow the wearer to achieve a better sexual experience, so its style and size are generally tight.Tight -fitting lingerie may pose a threat to the health of the testicles, and it will cause adverse effects on physical health.Therefore, this is also one of the main reasons why men do not wear sexy underwear.

Effect on gender behavior

Men think that they adhere to the image of men, and have a negative stereotype impression on wearing a sexy underwear, such as being questioned by their own sexuality. Therefore, many men may not consider wearing sexy underwear to avoid being misunderstood.

Lack of personalized design elements

In the current business market, the business model of sexy underwear is mainly based on women’s needs and aesthetics.But it is often overlooked to men’s aesthetics and needs.This will make it difficult for men to find their favorite erotic underwear design, and lacks the choice space for individual choices that meet their tastes and needy underwear specifications.


Although there are many reasons that men do not wear sexy underwear, the development speed of men’s sex underwear market seems to be slower than other underwear categories.In the future development process, merchants and researchers need to conduct more in -depth and detailed research on the potential opportunities of this market.Through in -depth investigation and research on the demand for men’s sexy underwear market, it can improve the availability of sexy underwear and meet the needs of male consumers.If this market is positioned properly and has an appropriate marketing form to promote it, then men’s wearing sexy underwear may become a trend of social fashion.

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