Who is the chairman of the Guanyun Inner Underwear Chamber of Commerce?


Guanyun is located in the southeast of Jiangsu. It is a county -level city under Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province. The interesting underwear industry in the region has developed rapidly. In order to promote the cooperation and development of enterprises in the industry, the Guanyun Info Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce has been established.

President introduction

The chairman of the Guanyun Info Chamber of Commerce is Zhang Ming, who has rich experience and profound insights in the sex underwear industry.Zhang Ming has served as an executive in the well -known erotic underwear company, and has in -depth research and understanding of the industry’s market dynamics, product design and marketing strategies. His addition has brought new development momentum to the cloud and sexy underwear chamber of clothing.

Chamber of Commerce

Adhering to the purpose of "solidarity and cooperation, innovation development, joint improvement, and integrity services", the Guanyun Innerwear Chamber of Commerce is aimed at providing a platform for member companies to provide communication and cooperation, resource sharing and brand promotion to promote the healthy development of the industry.

Membership and corporate qualification

In order to ensure the quality and reputation of the Chamber of Commerce, member companies need to meet certain conditions for admission, such as indicators such as brand influence, production technology, and quality management.At the same time, the Chamber of Commerce also conducts regular review and evaluation of member companies to ensure the quality level and market competitiveness of member companies.

Chamber of commerce

Guanyun Info Underwear Chamber of Commerce regularly organizes various theme activities and conferences, such as new product conferences, industry forums, business exhibitions, etc., to provide member companies with opportunities for business exchanges, product display and market development.

Resource Sharing

Guanyun Infusion Underwear Chamber of Commerce advocates resource sharing between member companies, and promotes the cooperation and collaboration of the industrial chain.The Chamber of Commerce will also hold resource docking and exchange activities from time to time to encourage cooperation between technical, talents, and funds between members of members.

Brand Promotion

The Chamber of Commerce will actively promote the brand for member companies, provide them with services such as media promotion and marketing, and strengthen the brand’s popularity and reputation.At the same time, the Chamber of Commerce will also strengthen cooperation with other industry organizations and government departments to strive for more policy support and development opportunities for member companies.

Promotion to the industry

As an industry organization, while promoting the development of member enterprises, the Guanyun Innerwear Chamber of Commerce will also actively pay attention to the development trends and problems of the industry, carry out research and research work, and use suggestions to provide suggestions and introduce policies and suggestions to make the healthy development of the industryMake contribution.


As an important part of the sexy underwear industry in Jiangsu and even the whole country, the sexy underwear industry has a broad development prospect in the future.As consumers’ awareness of sexy underwear has gradually increased and demand is enhanced, the market size and brand influence will be further enhanced.Through the efforts of the clouds and sex underwear chamber of commerce, the industry will usher in a healthier, stable and orderly development.


The establishment of the Guanyun Info Underwear Chamber of Commerce marks the continuous improvement of the organizationalization and standardization of the sexy underwear industry in the Guanyun area.The Chamber of Commerce will continue to adhere to the purpose of "union, cooperation, innovation, and development", and provide member companies with more comprehensive, better and more effective services.We believe that under the leadership of the chairman, the Chamber of Commerce will usher in a more bright future.

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