Which Taobao shop has a good sexy lingerie

Which Taobao shop has a good sexy lingerie

As more and more people begin to accept sexy underwear, and more and more sexy underwear shops are opened on Taobao, many people have begun to think about how to choose their favorite erotic underwear.This article will analyze the sexy underwear of several Taobao shops to help readers make the right decision.

1. Love have sex underwear

In Taobao’s sexy underwear shop, the popularity of have sexy underwear is very high.Their excellent design and quality can attract female customers of all ages.The store has a variety of sexy underwear of different colors and styles.Whether it is a sexy and charming style or a cute and fresh style, you can find the right underwear.

2. Men’s funny inside

Men’s fun underwear is one of the popular products on Taobao, and they have different sexy levels.In their product lines, you can find a variety of styles from comfortable underwear and ladylike style to sexy underwear.Their design and quality are very good.

3. Tender witness

Tenderness Witness is a brand that sells high -quality sexy underwear, and the store is also very popular on Taobao.Their underwear is not only exquisite, but also produces very well.Their designers can design and make the most suitable sexy underwear according to the needs of customers of different figures.

4. Viennois

Viennios is a shop that runs in sexy underwear. Their product lines are very rich.From simple T -shirt tops to sexy and charming corsets, their choices completely cover the needs of everyone.In addition to various style of sexy underwear, they also launched various types of jackets, pants and socks.

5. European and American Pavilion

In Taobao’s sex underwear shop, European and American pavilions have high evaluations.Their design and styles are very fashionable, and the sexy level of all underwear is very high.In addition, the quality of the underwear is very good, so that customers can wear them for a long time.

6. Sunshine Island

The sexy underwear of Sunshine Island is one of the products with high sales on Taobao.Their design is inspired by various cultures, so the products are very distinctive.They are not just selling sexy underwear. They also have various tools, such as handcuffs and whip.

7. Flower Time

Huajian Time is one of the most professional sexy underwear shops on Taobao.All their products are carefully made and fully meet the needs of different levels of sexy underwear.In addition to various styles of sexy underwear, the store also sells various sexy toys and wrist care accessories.

8. Spring Lei Fun underwear

Chunlei sexy underwear is a very distinctive shop on Taobao. Their sexy underwear is exquisitely designed, and they are inspired by stars and models.Their style is very diverse and can meet the needs of women of different ages.

9. OYMALI’s World

Oymali women’s world is one of the professional sexy underwear shops on Taobao. There are many product lines and the design and production of all underwear are very good.Their style also has many professional erotic styles, which can meet the needs of women of different ages.

10. Huayan Xiu color underwear flagship store

Huayan Xiu color underwear flagship store is a very distinctive sexy underwear shop in Taobao.Their products are very artistic, and their designers use color and lines to create every sexy underwear.Their underwear is also very comfortable, allowing customers to wear it for a long time.


Different people have different goodwills about different sexy underwear shops. When choosing a Taobao shop as a place for buying sexy underwear, they can make decisions based on their needs and special preferences.

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