Which is good for sexy underwear purple and red

Purple and red sexy underwear

When you buy sexy underwear, you will find that there are many colors and styles to choose from.The two most popular colors are purple and red.So, which is better of purple and red sexy underwear?

skin color

A person’s skin color has a great impact on the color of the sexy underwear suitable for them.If your skin is lighter, then red may be more suitable for you, because it will be more conspicuous and make the skin look fair.If you are dark skin, then purple will be more suitable because it can add some elegance and mystery to your skin.

Character and temperament

Personality and temperament are also the key factor in choosing sexy underwear colors.Red erotic lingerie usually gives people a sense of provocations and impulse, suitable for those women who are confident and self -expression.Women who are pursuing soft and gentle temperament may be more inclined to purple sexy underwear, because purple can reflect women’s tenderness and elegance.

Suitable occasion

It is a good idea to attribute sex underwear to the occasion.For women who want to try some passion, of course, when choosing red sexy underwear on Valentine’s Day or other special occasions, it will look more romantic and textured.For those women who want to feel some strange feelings in ordinary days, then purple sexy underwear is your best choice.

Temperament and style

Different styles also need to be matched with different underwear colors.For example, light or lace -made sexy underwear is often the most matched with light or elegant purple sexy underwear.The sexy suit needs to be equipped with sexy dark or red color sexy underwear.

Body and figure

Body shape is also important.If you want to narrow your body visually, then dark sexy underwear, such as red, is your choice.If you want to look more plump and sexy, then light purple, light pink colorful lingerie is your choice.


Sex underwear also aims to add some charm to your body, so you must choose the occasion carefully.If you are attending a formal dinner or Lounge performance, dark sexy underwear with black tone skirts or clothing will make you look very sexy.Wearing dark sexy underwear in a nightclub or bar can add some mysterious atmosphere.

Skin color and pupil color

In addition to appearance, the choice of skin color and pupil color is also important.If your pupil color is blue or gray, and your skin tone is lighter, then dark sexy underwear will look better.If the pupils and skin tone are dark tones, such as black and gray, the dark sexy underwear may not be suitable, and the brighter and warm purple will make your underwear more elegant and beautiful.

Personal preferences

Finally, the most important thing to choose sexy underwear is to choose according to your preferences.You need to choose the colors that make you feel the most confident and comfortable, whether it is red or purple.Only when you are full of confidence and comfort can you show the best side in underwear.

in conclusion

From color to styles, from the occasion to personal preferences, there is no fixed rule for choosing sex underwear.The most important thing is to be a good color that makes you feel beautiful and sexy.Both red and purple are very good choices. They can help you show different temperament and charm and make you feel the best you.

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