Where to do sex underwear

Where to do sex underwear

In modern society, the existence of sexy underwear as a fashion category has become increasingly popular.As a sexual underwear expert, I often ask people: Where does sex underwear start?Therefore, I will share my views on this issue in this article.The following will be explained from 8 aspects.

1. The first person needs to understand the existing market

It is no exception to make any category products, and interest underwear is no exception.People who enter the sex underwear market for the first time must first understand the mainstream styles in the market and consumer preferences.You can understand the brand’s most popular products and design styles in the market by understanding the brand’s sales situation or online search.

2. Understand the material

Sex underwear production materials are usually based on two aspects of satisfaction and visual effects, and there are many choices in this field.Understanding the characteristics of various materials and applicable situations can help design appropriate sexy underwear.For example, the breathability and softness of lace, as well as many influencing factors of comfort and life.

3. The key to design

Design is the most important part of the whole fun underwear, because it determines whether a brand can stand out.Before designing, it is important to understand the information you want to express.For example, the brand represents sweet and pleasant people or sexy and hot.At the same time, the needs of consumers of different body types should also be considered, because sexy is not just the exclusive of small size.

4. Understand market positioning

Before designing, it is important to understand the customer group and other similar brands of the lingerie store.It can enhance competitiveness through different markets, such as online platforms or physical stores, to provide competitive products, discount codes, etc.

5. Ergonomics

Different human structure requires different support functions and comfortable feelings.During the design stage, the rationality and feasibility of different styles and sizes must be considered, and you cannot just pursue visual effects.Therefore, it is necessary to add ergonomic factors during the design stage.

6. Production process

The production process means one of the direct key factors of production quality.Therefore, every detail and every step in the production process are key.When designing, you need to understand the corresponding processing process to ensure the success of the production process.

7. Brand positioning

Behind the complex market conditions, the loyalty of the brand will increase sales and reputation.The positioning of the brand includes its image, style, propaganda method, values, target audiences, etc.Creating its own brand image requires certain exercise and experience accumulation.

8. Preparation for selling points

The process of designing and making sexy underwear is close to the end, and there are important preparations for selling points.This means preparation and thinking about sales, including packaging, publicity and budget.Gold’s marketing skills are to make innovative, interesting and amazing after -sales service to attract customers.


In modern society in market competition, sexy underwear experts, including beginners, need to maintain their market position through continuous learning.In my opinion, in the process of making fun underwear, we need to pay attention to the development of market trends and the shape of brand image.

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