Where is the sexy lingerie tail placed

Where is the sexy lingerie tail placed

When you put on a sexy underwear, there are usually many problems, one of which is the placement of the tail.You don’t want it to place it in an incorrect position, affecting the sexy and visual effects of the entire underwear.So, where should the sexy lingerie tail be placed?Next, I will give you some useful tips.

Start with style

Different styles of sexy underwear placed the tail position differently.For example, some underwear similar to cat ears should be placed in the center of the buttocks to enhance the visual effect.And other styles of sexy underwear may need to put the tail on the side or below.

In line with the body proportions

The placement of the tail should also be consistent with your body proportion.If your body is tall, the tail will be better in the back, and if you are short, the tail is placed on the side, which will increase the smoothness of the leg lines.

Consider comfort

Of course, you should also consider comfort when choosing a tail placement position.If you reach a party or party, you need to wear sexy underwear for a long time. The location of the tail to place the tail may be more comfortable, because this tail will not swing to interfere with your walking or sitting position.

Proper placement

After selecting the tail placement position, you also need to ensure that they are properly placed.Do not let the tail trapped in clothes or distort it, which may cause underwear to deform.Instead, try to fix it in the right position to ensure visual effects and comfort.

Tail type consideration

Different types of tails have other considerations.For example, the tail may include some details, such as hair, sequins, leather, etc.These factors should also be considered when choosing a tail placement.For example, if there is a leather part of the tail, try not to choose to place it below, which may cause uncomfortable friction.

In line with the overall style

Finally, when choosing a tail placing position, it should be consistent with the overall style.For example, if your sexy underwear shows a sweet and cute atmosphere, it may be more suitable to choose to put your tail on the side, so that you can emphasize your small and charming atmosphere, rather than a more bulky back placement.


All in all, you need to consider many factors to choose the tail placement of sexy underwear.When selecting the appropriate placement position, it should be comprehensively considered from the style, physical proportion, comfort, proper placement position, tail type considerations, and overall style matching.As long as you choose the correct place, you can make the sexy underwear show more sexy and attractive charm.

At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the different body and proportion of each person, so the choice of tail placing position should also be personalized according to their own situation.

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