Where is the address of Ningbo sexy underwear

Where is the address of Ningbo sexy underwear

If you want to buy sexy underwear, you must first determine where the Ningbo sex lingerie address is.In Ningbo, there are fun underwear counters and brand stores in the shopping malls and shopping malls in the urban area.This article will introduce you to the purchase address of Ningbo’s sexy underwear and recommending high -quality stores.

1. Buy the address of sexy underwear

1. Ningbo City Center Shopping Center —- Tianyi Plaza

Tianyi Plaza is located in the core area of Ningbo City. It is one of Ningbo’s largest shopping mall and has various types of brand stores.In Tianyi Plaza, there are many sexy underwear brand stores, such as Victoria’s Secret, Viviesta, etc. The products are rich and comprehensive, which is worth a shopping place.

2. Ningbo City Center Shopping Center —- Gulou Mall

The Gulou Mall is also one of the large shopping malls in the center of Ningbo. There are several sexy underwear counters, such as Ozzie, Shifiyuan, etc. You can buy high -quality sexy underwear here, suitable for various occasions.

3. Ningbo City Center Shopping Center —- Ningbo Baffles Plaza

In recent years, Ningbo Baffles Square has opened, and there are also many sexy underwear brand stores inside.Including high cost -effective products of domestic and foreign brands, there are also a few stores with chain brand chain brands. They often launch discounts and discount activities. It is a very recommended shopping square.

2. Recommended by Ningbo sexy underwear shop

1. Niju (NVF)

Niji (NVF) is a shop that sells sexy underwear and sex products. It is positioned high -end and luxurious. It often launchs the latest styles and professional user experience services.At the same time, this store can also provide private customization services, which can be made according to customer needs and size, which is well received by industry insiders.

2. Mind (xinyi)

The intention is a physical sex shop. There are multiple procurement channels in the store, so it can provide high -quality erotic supplies from all over the world, and it can also ensure the fairness of the price.There are activities all year round, and the price is relatively favorable, so it is quite favored by people who like sex products.

3. Tao point (taodiandian)

TaoDianian is a platform that is mainly displayed in e -commerce. It offers sexy underwear, sexy pajamas, large -scale underwear, and sex foods from all over the country. It has a relatively affordable price on the entire network.If you want to buy erotic underwear conveniently and preferentially, don’t miss this choice.


If you want to buy sex underwear in Ningbo, you can go to the large shopping malls and malls in the city center, or you can choose a high -quality sexy underwear store and e -commerce platform.With the above shopping address and store recommendation, I believe you can easily find your favorite erotic underwear and make yourself more confident and pleasant in the sexy atmosphere.

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