Where does Wenzhou produce erotic suits


With the continuous development of society and the improvement of people’s quality of life, sexy underwear has become an indispensable part of many people’s daily life.Wenzhou, as a city that focuses on global underwear manufacturers, has also become one of the production bases of sexy underwear. This article will explain from the perspective of where to produce sexy underwear from Wenzhou.

Interesting underwear production base

As the city of the underwear manufacturing industry, Wenzhou has always had rich experience and technologies for underwear manufacturing. As the market demand continues to increase, the sexy underwear of various forms has gradually become a new consumption hotspot. ThereforeThe fashionable lingerie brands have emerged.

Where does Wenzhou produce erotic suits

Wenzhou’s current sex underwear production is mainly distributed in the three core areas, namely Longwan District, Ruian, and Lucheng District.These three areas have gathered a large number of sexy underwear manufacturers. The large production scale and skilled technology have made Wenzhou an important base for sex underwear production.

Longwan District

As one of the focus of Wenzhou’s economic focus, Longwan District is an important base for Wenzhou’s sexy underwear industry.There are a large number of underwear companies that operate products cover the country and foreign markets. The production level is high and the quality is stable.


Ruian is located in the southeast of Wenzhou City, about 40 kilometers from the center of Wenzhou.The number of sexy underwear manufacturers in Ruian City has a large number of manufacturers, large production scale, complete variety, and reliable quality, which can meet various market needs.

Lucheng District

Lucheng District is one of the central urban areas of Wenzhou City and an important base for Wenzhou underwear industry.Lucheng District has a group of professional sexy underwear companies, with advanced production technology, exquisite craftsmanship, and complete variety.

Production of sexy underwear craftsmanship

The main processes of sexy underwear production include design, disassembly, cutting, car seams, bonding, packaging, packaging and other links.Among them, the design link is the key to the production of sexy underwear, and must have rich creativity and keen market insight.

Sex underwear market trend

With the continuous emergence of social waves, the sexy underwear market has obviously showing a trend of popularization, and the variety of different styles of sexy underwear has emerged endlessly.Through publicity, advertising, and online marketing, merchants carry out product brand communication and publicity, and continuously strengthen brand influence and market rankings.

Sexy underwear sales method

Nowadays, there are two main methods of selling in sex underwear, one is the sales of offline physical stores, and the other is the sales of online e -commerce platforms.Offline physical stores can directly observe, try on, and buy to make consumers more trust the quality of the goods; online e -commerce platforms are popular with consumers because of their convenient and fast and preferential prices.


Where to produce sexy underwear in Wenzhou is not difficult to answer. As a city of the underwear manufacturing industry, Wenzhou is naturally an important base for sexy underwear production. In the future, the prospect of the sex underwear market is still optimistic.There are more innovation and changes.

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